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Schulenburg's current Problem in Sierra Leone is his Dictatorial Acts towards his Staff
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
May 25, 2010, 02:22

A Rejoinder to Dr. Sama Banya's piece entitled "AN ADOLF HITLER? NOT VON SCHULENBURG"

My dear Uncle Sama Banya is easily one of my favourite adopted uncles and in African tradition, Uncles do not apologise to nieces but in this case, I am going to demand, in my capacity as a Publisher and not as his dear niece, that Uncle Sama Banya withdraws his published allegation that I was the one who called Mr. Schulenburg a Hitler. I wonder how he arrived at that conclusion?

All what we have done here is to report a very serious issue that amongst UN staff in Sierra Leone, there is so much bad blood that nicknames have been given to Mr. Schulenburg by his own senior UN staff to mark his DICTATORIAL tendencies. Schulenburg has been nicknamed after the German Dictator Hitler, after the Russian Dictator Stalin and also called a Mike Tyson because he actually went physical on a senior UN staff member for which UN Headquarters in New York is sending a team in the next few days to investigate why such an incident happened at the UN mission in Sierra Leone.

Bottom-line, I am not the one who nicknamed Schulenburg as Hitler. His own UN staff did as a mark of their deep resentment for his dictatorial behaviour towards them.

Maybe we need to find out why so much bad blood exists for a man to be nicknamed as Hitler rather than ask me to apologise for publishing a factual report on what should be worrying development to patriots like my Uncle Sama Banya. Apology for what? Such brown-nosing! This is exactly how you sleep-walked into that 2007 Elections loss. Always oblivious of what is going on around you until things go awry? As I await your apology, please have a good day my dear uncle!

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