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In Sierra Leone, Health Minister calls for cooperation
By Momoja Lappia
May 25, 2010, 19:46

The Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Mohamed Dadis Koroma has made a clarion call on all and sundry to put hands on deck to sustain the Free Health Care Services that threatens to be a failure in the face of a series of drawbacks.

Speaking yesterday May 24th 2010 at his Youyi Building office, the minister said President Koroma’s ruling APC government and his Ministry especially require cooperation from the general public if the newly launched health project was to succeed countrywide. "In the absence of maximum cooperation, the new health Policy which aims at removing Sierra Leone from the rung of the UN Human Development Index is doomed to flop," he expressed, lamenting that despite the call for attitudinal and behavioral change, a set of unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans as well as foreigners were selling products meant for the smooth and sustained implementation of the project. He said in addition there was still rampant and illegal importation of substandard medicines thereby undermining the process.

The Health Minister also blamed part of the problem on corruption and the culture of Pull Him Down Syndrome with the politicizing of issues dealing with nation interest. He however, commended patriotic citizens, notably members of the Civil Society Organizations whose efforts he said have helped his ministry in achieving the goal. He urged others to emulate such exemplary stances against corruption and mismanagement. On how the desired cooperation could be attained, Mohamed Dandis Koroma confided that devolution of his Ministry’s activities in controlling and monitoring of health materials must be seen as everybody’s responsibility. "Although a resemblance of this is there, more sensitization is necessary on this citric responsibility," he suggested.

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