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Police reunites with female journalist in Sierra Leone
By Aruna Turay
May 26, 2010, 17:12

It was a cheerful moment in the Conference Hall of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Headquarters in Freetown as cross sections of Journalists and police personnel witnessed the reunification of female Journalist, Abibatu Kamara of Awoko Newspaper with OSD Police Constable Banya.

Senior personnel led by police media boss, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ibrahim Samura used the usual Tuesday police press briefing as the appropriate forum to bridge the two people. PC Banya was made to tender an open apology to the entire body of journalists for his gross professional misconduct against Abibatu Kamara, promising that such an unfortunate occurrence would not emerge again.

He confessed that his action was unfortunate as according to him, it was not intentionally directed against journalists but the rowdy youths who wanted to force their way into court room. He admitted work pressure was responsible, though such could not be taken as an excuse during an official operation.

Abibatu Kamara wholeheartedly accepted the officerfs sincere apology as they hugged each other, after a warm hand shake.

ASP Samura wished both of them well and entreated them to treat each other with the respect each deserved as in his words epolice and journalists are the same people working to achieve that same goal.

It could be recalled that on Thursday 13th May 2010, Abibatu Kamara was molested by PC Banya at the precincts of the Law Courts when she attempted, like any other journalist on that day, to cover court proceeding in the matter involving former minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Haja Afsastu Kabba.

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