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Pro-APC Studentsí Union Aspirant walks off FBC Debate
By Augustine Samba
May 27, 2010, 17:22

What was described as a blatant show of disrespect for authority and for fellow students was the walk-out from a political debate by one of the presidential aspirants for the FBC Studentsí Union presidency who makes no secret of his campís alignment to the ruling APC party. Mr. Alfred Minkailu Koroma and his supporters, many of them APC members, walk-out yesterday at the Amphi Theatre was seen to be very ironical because Minkailu vanished in a show of intolerance from the platform just after his delivery calling for studentsí unionism, political tolerance and development.

The ugly development virtually took everybody aback, especially lecturers who formed part of the high table. No reason was given for their unwarranted departure as the two other candidates remained in their seats. Members of the high table comprised the outgoing SU President, Mohamed A. Timbo, Prof. J. A.D. Allie, Prof. Ishmael Rashid, Mr. Charles Silver, Miss. Lena Thompson, Mrs. Memunatu Pratt and other lecturers.

Earlier, members of the high table had cautioned the electorates and the presidential aspirants to maintain decorum, and to conduct free and fair election without violence that has been synonymous with studentsí elections.

Ms. Francess Marke belongs to no political party but believes in giving service to Studentsí Union

The last speaker, Francess Marke whose political momentum has shaken the entire college campus, was admired by both students and lecturers. She started with the slogan ĎWomen of Integrity; Men of Quality!!í which introduction was greeted by a thunderous applause. Advancing reasons for her aspiration, she said she was called upon by thousands of colleagues to lead them this time as the first woman candidate.

"I am not a member of any political camp on campus," she said, adding that during her nomination fifteen men declined the position to make way for her. She also informed that she was aspiring to liberate the college from ideological differences. She said she was not nominated because she was a women but based on her academic excellence. She assured the entire studentsí body that if voted in she will bring positive change different from the monotonous one preached by national politicians.

A confident Francess Marke maintained that if the electorates give power to her she will form a government that is inclusive of both White and Black camp members.

"If you vote me in, I will form a government that will give everybody equal treatment irrespective of your different ideologies."

Meanwhile senior lecturers confided in our reporter that they were totally frustrated by the unruly departure of the opposing candidate. They described the incident as a gross demonstration of disrespect for college authorities.

Most of the students spoken to re-echoed what their lecturers said. They mockingly opined that the departed candidate has sensed an impending woeful defeat for which he abruptly left.

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