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May 27, 2010, 17:06



President & Minister Mock Separation of Powers


The Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Madam Saidata Sesay, has reportedly reiterated a recent statement by President Koroma which said that Law Courts will not grant bail to anybody found selling drugs meant for the free Health Care services. The President first reportedly made this utterance a few days ago in Makeni whilst Sesay made her own disclosure on Tuesday 25 May at the usual press briefing at the Ministry of Health Youyi Building Freetown.  She further informed that it was necessary for the Press and other stakeholders to educate the Citizen on the free Health Care Service so that the drugs will be accountably giving to the beneficiaries. It is a fact that such statements from the Executive arm of Government grossly undermines the concept of an independent Judiciary and makes a mockery of separation of powers in a democracy. 


Usu Boie donates to SLPP


One of the SLPP Flagbearership contenders, Usman Boie Kamara has reportedly donated satellite TV services (DSTV) to both Bo and Kenema branch offices.  According to reports, Mr. Kamara recently donated Le 1.5 million to the Moyamba branch of the SLPP plus 50 bags of cement for the construction of the Moyamba District branch office.


 Health Minister Advises Donor partners


The Deputy Minister Health and Sanitation Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma has reportedly advised all donor partners assisting government in the free health care services, to work in the interest of the majority especially the beneficiaries.  According to him all NGOs and other organizations should work in partnership with the Ministry of Health in order to improve the health sector in the country.  This advice was a seque to the truck loads of bed nets from the medical stores at New England conveyed to the provinces without the prior knowledge of the Ministry.


  Abortion laws to be amended


Reports have revealed that, the Law Reformed Commission (LRC) is currently working to review the law governing abortion in Sierra Leone, found in the offices against persons act of 1861.  According to reports, the act is an English legal instrument which became part of the laws of Sierra Leone by virtue of section 74 of the court Act, 1965.  According to reports, the proposals for reform of the law on abortion are now found in the proposed offices against the persons act, specifically in clauses 32 and 33.


Maada Bio storms Bonthe District


SLPP leading contender for flagbearership, Rtd Brig. Gen Julius Maada Bio on last Friday and Saturday officially declared his intension of vying for the presidential candidate of the SLPP in Bonthe Town. Reports say, Maada is vying for the leadership not only to unite the party but the entire country.  According to reports, alongside Maada, were 50 delegates that entered Bonthe


Mental patients administered expired Drugs 


News have it that the medical superintendent of Kissy Mental Hospital in Freetown, Dr. G.A.J George have admitted that expired drugs are being administered to mentally unwell victims.


Man Arrested after two months

Sahr Sandi, 26 an electrician of Kanigbo, Malama Freetown was yesterday denied bail by magistrate Steven Conteh of Freetown magistrate Court No. 1 according to reports the accused was charged to court for lambency Country to section 2 of the larceny Act of 1916.  The prosecution alleged that on diverse dates, between 1st March and 20th May 2010, at meek Drive Murray Town  the accused stole one trip of and valued at three hundred thousand Leone and five drums of coal tar value at two hundred and fifty thousand Leones from one Musa I. Bayoh. He had reportedly being on the run for 2 months


Two die at Leicester

Reports have it that two men on last Saturday lost their lives as a result of suffocation.  According to one eye witness, Bismack Davis, the victims were sinking a forty-four foot well at 42 New London Street Leicester Village when the decease set fire to a rock in the pit whilst digging it only to be overcome by the fumes from the fire.  The deceased were taken to the Connaught Hospital Mortuary for a Post Mortem with the Police now investigating the Matter.

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