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A Liar is always Inconsistent
By Aruna Turay
May 27, 2010, 17:02

When I was a kid my late grandmother, during our story telling moments every Saturday night, used to tell me that me that ‘lie man always dae change mot’, translated in English to be ‘a liar is always inconsistent in his words’.

Readers might be wondering why memories of my late grandma triggers my mind now when dozens of years have slowly gone by since the demise of my old ma.

The reason is that since she told me these words, I have actually be coming across liars but not as those big liars operating a certain ragsheet all in the guise of running a newspaper.

It could be recalled that on Wednesday 12th May 2010, a ragsheet published an article captioned "DEMONSTRATORS STONE TEJAN COLE’S HOUSE" and which also carried a front page caption "RENT-A-MOB STORMS TEJAN-COLE’S KELLY DRIVE HOME! Threatens to kill former ACC Commissioner".

In this article, the Author, well, maybe out of the influence of alcohol or some kind of forbidden plantation, (marijuana/cocaine?) sat in a small corner and formulated the article aimed at tarnishing Haja Afsatu Kabba, a woman of substance in this country.

Readers, who were fortunate to have read the article in question, will after reading this my piece, see what exactly my wise grandma was telling me about liars and will also see how the author of that article tried to misinform and mislead the public out of his selfish interest, influenced by something best known to him.

In a first publication on Wednesday 12th May 2010 on page 2, the author told the public that;

A crowd of attackers flung stones and curses at the Kelly Drive home of ACC Commissioner Abdul Tejan-Cole on Monday night according to neighbors’.

To prove my grandma right, in his second publication on Friday 14th May 2010 on page 2, the same author told the public that;

‘Residents of Kelly Drive off Wilkinson Road on Monday 10th May 2010, raised serious concern about attacks made on Friday and Saturday in the evening hours at the house of the Anti-Corruption Commissioner boss Abdul Tejan-Cole by supporters of Afsatu Kabba’.

Readers please note the inconsistency in the date. In May12th publication, the attack took place on Monday night and when the same article was reproduced on Friday 14th May, he told us about Friday and Saturday. So stupid but it clearly confirmed to me the sayings of my late grandma, May her soul rest in peace.

To expose himself furthermore, the liar of an author on Wednesday 12th May told readers that;

Beatrice Kelly, a neighbor of 13 Kelly Drive (off Wilkinson Road) said the mob came to the house at about 7:30pm. Some wore red, others in green. They were shouting and singing that they were not happy with the way the ACC was treating Afsatu Kabba’.

Again when the article is republished on Friday 14th May 2010, the same author now tells us that;

‘In an interview with residents of the area Beatrice Jones of 13 Kelly Drive off Wilkinson Road, explained that the attackers…….’

Again, readers please take note of the inconsistency in this paragraph. In the Wednesday 12th May publication, the witness that was falsely interviewed by the writer was Beatrice Kelly and on Friday 14th May publication, the name of the Ghost Witness of this so-called 13 Kelly Drive, Off Wilkinson Road has been changed to Beatrice Jones.

Actually, this whole issue does not amuses me to a large extent, taking into consideration the fact that the day before the first publication was a day for the ‘High-man’ - Marley Night, May 11, a day well noted for the highest degree of Jamba(Marijuana) smoking in Sierra Leone.

So, although I cannot tell for sure, I might not be too far off the mark if I say that the author or his boss must have done what they did with the influence of something that Mr. Marley used to love.

Meanwhile, since the ragsheet claims it is standing by its’ story with all its inconsistencies, this writer from the credible Awareness Times newspaper is now calling on all to visit the off Wilkinson Road resident of the ACC boss and do a self investigation on the ‘attack’ that never happened.

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