From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

SLPP tasks APC for Corruption & Bad Governance
By Augustine Samba and Momoja Lappia
May 28, 2010, 17:08

The opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) in their usual monthly press briefing have on 27th May 2010 in Freetown exposed the ineptitude of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s All People Congress (APC) government in several areas not limited to corruption and bad governance.

In a no nonsense stance, the SLPP chairman John Oponjo Benjamin reiterated that the APC still remains to respond to issues raised over the National Constitutional Review process, the incongruous London Mining Agreement and existing legislations, the petroleum industry and corruption among others.

SLPP Chairman making statement at the press briefing

"We (SLPP) are still awaiting concrete statements from the government", the SLPP chairman advanced.

On the burning issue of the resignation of the anti-corruption boss which had seen the party give out conflicting signals to the populace with the Chairman saying one thing and the Spokesman saying another, the Party totally side-stepped the issue by merely saying as follows: "On Corruption….we detest and will continue to vehemently oppose selective justice and the existing prevalence of ’untouchables’ and ‘sacred cows’ in the fight against institutional graft. In this regard we call on the Commission to thoroughly and impartially investigate and were possible charge those responsible for the NASSIT ferry debacle, the Indian Rice saga and the Income Electrix scandal which issues have suddenly taken an unjustified stillness".

Top SLPP members sitting on the high table

For the efficacy of democracy the opposition party expressed desire in assuring and being witness to all acquisitions of interests in the petroleum sector through public tender. And that government publicly discloses petroleum agreements for public scrutiny as well as the urgent establishment of legal frame works for the petroleum sector.

Further hitting harder the APC, the SLPP expressed dissatisfaction over the disgraceful behaviour of our diplomatic envoys and how assignments to those missions were not done in the interest of the state and good governance. Other issues that came under serious condemnation and criticism were those of the Free Health Care initiative and the printing of family of new resized bank notes with public in the dark with regards cost involves and number printed. They also lamented on the reappointment of Christiana Thorpe as chairperson of the National Electoral Commission.

However when the Awareness Times contacted APC secretary general Victor Bockarie Foe for remarks, he accepted blame for some of the points raised by the SLPP but condemned the manner and timing.

"Partisan political propagandas must not surpass the care for national development," Victor Foe stressed, while calling for Sierra Leonean politicians to emulate other democratic states in the world like Brittan and America.

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