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Bombali records highest elephantiasis cases in Sierra Leone
By Dauda Koroma
May 28, 2010, 17:00

Programme manager Dr. Santigie Sesay has disclosed to journalists at the weekly government press briefing on Thursday 27th May 2010 that the Health Ministry has recorded highest cases of elephantiasis affection in the Bombali District, northern Sierra Leone during round s for to distribute drugs to affected persons.

Dr. Santigie Sesay emphasized that elephantiasis is caused by worms, not witchcraft as enormously believed by people, disclosing that it is the second common disease in the world, with about 40 million suffering from it causing most disabilities. He said the disease causes swelling of the foot, and sometimes the scrotum and breast, adding that the symptoms include milky urine colour, general body pain and fever. Treatment for the disease is by the administration of albendazole and mectizanto. "It is endemic throughout Sierra Leone," Dr. Sesay stated.

He said the elephantiasis is transmitted from person to person by the bite of an anopheles mosquito. "Transmission usually starts in children often before the age of 5 and it gradually progresses within 10 to 20 years," he informed. He said treatment for elephantiasis is free.

He therefore admonished those with signs of elephantiasis to come out and get treatment before gets late.

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