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In Sierra Leone, Amnesty Launches 2010 Annual Reports
By Mohamed Kanu
May 28, 2010, 17:06

International human rights advocacy group, Amnesty International on Thursday 27th May 2010 launched their annual report for 2010 on the theme "Right for all Justice for All" at the Santanno House in Freetown. The ceremony attracted representatives of students, civil society organization, lawyers, and other important stakeholder in the Country.

Director, AI Sierra Leone chapter Brima A Sheriff pointed that the report is basically to stop perpetrators getting away with their crimes, whether by governments or their operatives, armed groups or businesses, and to ensure that victims-those tortured or abused-have access to justices.

Mr. Sheriff gave an over view of the report as having more to do with the effects of corruption, maternal mortality lack of access to information on the lives of the less privileged. He cited the case for example of maternal mortality that claims the lives of 350,000 women worldwide every year, with one dying every 90 second because political powers in some countries, of which Sierra Leone is not an exception, trample justice.

He also said powerful states such as America, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey hold themselves above the law and protect their allies because they are yet to sign to the protocol of the International Criminal Court.

Representing the Anthony Generalís Office was Joseph Kabba who responded by assuring the organization that the Government of Sierra Leone is striving to reduce maternal mortality in the country, giving instance of the ongoing free health care initiative recently launched by the president.

He entreated the civil Society and other organizations to see government as a partner in development as according to him a government can succeed only with the cooperation of its citizens.

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