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May 28, 2010, 17:02



Fambul Tok settles Dispute between two villages

Reports have revealed that Fambul Tok, a local post-war reconciliation organization working with war affected communities has recently settled a long standing dispute between Golahun and Joyah villages in the Kamayei Chiefdom, Moyamba District.  Reports say the two villagers were locked in superiority misunderstanding, Joyah locals complained they were being looked low upon and often molested by those of Golahun Community members whenever involved in issues. On the other hand, the latter alleges Joyah Community are recalcitrant, hardly cooperative when it comes to community work. 

Deputy Minister visits Kissy Mental Home

Reports have it that the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Mohamed D. Koroma, on Wednesday 26th May 2010 visited the Kissy Mental Home in Kissy.  The purpose of his visit was to access the health care situation as one anonymous caller alleged that there was no drug at the center for the mentally retarded.  Though there was nothing alarming for the ministers attention, he however cautioned the medical officer in charge to take great care and deliver quality services.

Bo treasury department relocated

The Bo Treasury Department which was formerly accommodated by the Sierra Leone Audit Service Department along Lion Road in Bo, has now been relocated to the provincial administrative office, Tikonko Road in Bo.  Reports say the office was relocated owing to government procedures, geared towards development.

Free health care drug stranded a quay

It has been reportedly revealed that the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) is currently holding on containers of drugs brought into the country for free health care services. Reports say, for the past 2 months the drugs have been held in by SLPA, demanding that government should pay for every container before they are released. Reports say this holding on containers at the Port is also affecting the supply of drugs into the country.

Massive Police deployment at FBC

In security preparedness for the FBC Students Union elections slated for today, personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force have been deployed on campus.  Dozens of riot control police offices, the OSD were on Wednesday transported to take positions to avoid security risk.  This is in anticipation that as often, the student union election may be marred by violence. 

No Magistrate for Moyamba

Local tabloids have intimated that more cases are now documented in the Moyamba Magistrate Court file at but there is no Magistrate for hearings.  Reports say, the former Magistrate resigned three months ago.  Many accused have been arrested and released on bail within 72 hours for the lack of prosecution. 

Sister stabs Brother for Rice

Reports have it that one Mahota Brima, aged 14 on 24th May stabbed her younger brother for eating her ration of cooked rice at Taninahun Village in the Moyamba District.  According to reports, the mother of the victim, Jassah Brima just after school complained that he was hungry and the mother asked him to bring the food that she had kept for both of them. Jassah is said to have eaten up everything, leaving nothing for Mahota.  When she returned from school, she got enraged after the discovery, more so when she was reportedly provoked by Jassah, leading to the fatal stab.

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