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First Semi-Finals Of The Battle Of Brains Zain Africa Challenge
May 28, 2010, 17:14

The Zain Africa Challenge, the University battle of brains now at the First Semi-Finals stage, still continues to be shown on TV screens in Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation aired the show yesterday between Makerere University of Uganda and African Nazarene University of Kenya in which African Nazarene University emerged as the winners with 750 points, edging past Makerere University who got 730 Points.

As a rule of thumb, African Nazarene have qualified for the finals, awaiting the winner of the second semi-finals which will be between Egerton University of Kenya and Jomo Kenyatta University also of Kenya, which will be aired on Wednesday 5th June 2010

Zain Africa Challenge has grown more interactive for players, university administrators, alumni and the viewing public with a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Join the community to stay in touch. Subscribers can also play the game on facebook in which case, a winner stands to win 1000 units of air time.

Viewers are rewarded too, with the opportunity to win Nokia N97 mini handsets each week by playing the SMS Zain Game. Each week, three winners emerge. These are lucky winners who answer the questions correctly by sending text to 600 during the game. The last week’s question was; Ahmed Kabba led Commonwealth observers of which nation’s 2009 election? The correct answer was A – Mozambique.

From the start of this season’s challenge, a total of 36 people have won Nokia N97 mini hand sets, each one costing $600.

Zain Africa Challenge is a powerful testimony of the company’s commitment to the advancement of youth talent through its support for education as well as its social and community initiatives. The programme is an extension of Zain’s corporate commitment to "A Wonderful World" for their customers.

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