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Birthday Greeting to you Haja Kadie Johnson
Jun 1, 2010, 17:04


Tuesday 1st June marks the Birthday of our dearest Mother

Haja Kadie Johnson,

Head of Womenís Affairs Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation.

Haja Kadie we love you, we pray Allah gives you long life, good luck and prosperity in all you do.

We believe prosperity is not too far from you though Papa is not around to support you, but we are of the firm conviction that you shall prosper in Allahís name we love you Haja Kadie, We love you.

From Children, Mubesh and Haja Mariatu Kadie Johnson, 12 Garawani Street, Fourah Bay and father Alhaji Hassan Lehadi Babalunde Macaulay, of 3, Ansley Lane, Fourahbay.

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