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In Sierra Leone, Civitan International-SL gets new head
By Bampia Bundu
Jun 2, 2010, 17:10

A civil society activist, Bockarie Enssah has been appointed by the International community based organization, Civitan International to serve as its Country Director for Sierra Leone. This information was relayed to Awareness Times by Mr. Enssah in a telephone conversation on Monday 31st May. He said the appointment was made in April this year. Describing Civitan as a non-profit making organization, the new Country Director said he will be working with the organisationís school and community based clubs to foster club development and growth, while ensuring their continued success.

He said as part of his responsibilities, he would also be partnering with the Government of Sierra Leone, other international organizations and businesses to identify areas of mutual interest or concern in an effort to effectively address community needs.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States, the club is dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with disabilities that affects development. "Civitan International is comprised of member clubs organized in communities across the United States of America and 24 countries overseas all working to assist those affected by mental retardation and developmental disabilities through direct financial support and hands on project implementations," he informed, adding that he was determined to strengthen the organisationís activities in Sierra Leone by supporting existing clubs as well as creating new ones. He said Civitan brings on board volunteers willing to contribute to community development such as assisting people with mental retardation and related disabilities.

Enssah who is also head of Youth Alliance Peace and Development (YAPAD) said he had as mentors certain personalities including Mahamed Sillah, Alpha Jabbie, Alim Bangura and Alliu Sheriff while he serving Vice President of the King and Queens Junior Civitan Club. "My overall goal is to have a very strong Civitan base in Sierra Leone and move on to create an ECOWAS district of Civitan International," he concluded.

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