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In Sierra Leone, Zain Becomes Lifeline For Ipam Students
Jun 3, 2010, 17:04

Its great news to hear that there was a happy ending for IPAM Students on excursion with London Mining Company (LMC), after being lost in a thick forest, with great credit to Zainís network reception in every corner of Sierra Leone.

A known Mining Company in Sierra Leone, London Mining Company (LMC) schooled students from the Faculty of Business Administration of the Institute of Public Management (IPAM) on International Business at the Companyís Lunsar mining site in the Port Loko District. This was a class of eighty students who were divided into different groups for in depth lectures.

One of the students, Abdulai Kpakima described the visit as a step in acquiring practical knowledge in what they have been learning in class. They were in search of first hand practical experience on how International Business operates in a country.

While other technologies such as global positioning system, or GPS, navigation may help people find their way out of trouble, it does little in terms of communication to help when people are stranded in such a remote location in Lunsar, Port Loko District.

After taking lectures on site, this group of students was left in a location for officials to get to another designated group. After being there for so long (students) and they could not find their way, they decided to make phone calls, and the only network coverage they could access was the Zain Sierra Leone network. The thick forest could not give a correct reception for the GPS they were carrying. The only technology that helped them tell their friends they were lost was their mobile phones and among all, only Zainís network could be accessed in such a location.

These students, using the Zain network, made an SOS call to the mining base for help. As a result, a search was conducted and due to constant communication with the search party, they were located. Navigation tools may help someone if they need to understand where they are to get to safety. But in order for someone to find you, you really need a device, like a cell phone, that can provide two-way communication of which Zain Sierra Leone is perfectly placed to deliver to its numerous customers.

Zain Has coverage in all districts in Sierra Leone and all remote areas. This has been confirmed by travelers along the highways that at every point of their travels, they are able to dictate their locations with friends and families at their different destinations, making the communication world a wonderful one.

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