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In Sierra Leone, Gilpin Foundation Feeds Children at Benguema
Jun 4, 2010, 17:14

The provision of developmental and educational opportunities for the rural population has always been an issue of primary importance in Sierra Leone. Various governments have declared educational improvements and empowerment of women as a priority area for national development. However, it would be remise for a developing country to rely solely on the government to facilitate national development and enhance the wellbeing of the rural poor.

It is against this background that a son of the soil, Walton Ekundayo Gilpin, an international civil servant, fondly known as ‘dayogee’ and son of famous Christians Brother and Sister Gilpin of Freetown, has set aside his time and resources to focus on supporting women and children the rural area, starting with the Benguema community.

Mr. Walton Gilpin receiving a bouquet from a grateful young schoolkid

In demonstrating this laudable venture, the Gilpin (dayogee) Foundation was launched last month through a very successful nutritional initiative in the Benguema Village, Western Rural District. The launching initiative provided a two-course meal for over 100 children in the village and about 50 adults to booster their nutritional intake.

More details on the Gilpin Foundation will be reported later.

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