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In Sierra Leone, Moyamba Embraces Polio Vaccination
By Augustine Samba
Jun 4, 2010, 17:02

Under- five children in the entire Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone have been effectively vaccinated against poliomyelitis.The round four battle against the disease started at the heart of Moyamba District, Kayamba Chiefdom on the 27th , and extended to the Fakunya, Kori, Kowa, Lower and Upper Banta, Timidale Kargboro, Ribbi, Bumpeh, Kamajei, Bagruwa, Kongbora and Dasse Chiefdoms respectively.The polio campaign ended on the 31st May, 2010 after a vigorous house to house vaccination programme was dispensed and robustly monitored by UNICEF, WHO, Health for All Coalition, journalists and other independent monitors.


The entire exercise is intended to restrain the spread of polio outbreak countrywide in consonance with other countries within the sub region.

The beneficiaries also received Insecticide treated bed nets specifically for children between 0 and 6 months. In addendum to that, Vitamin A supplements and de-worming capsules were adequately dispensed to under- five children in the Moyamba District.


The District Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Kanndeh has described the polio campaign as strategic and well executed.He commended the health workers for their dedication to national duty despite the challenges in the 'hard to reach ' areas.He said, "Moyamba District and the entire country can now breathe sigh of respite that no child will be handicapped by poliomyelitis as round four has totally knocked down this menace to child development"


The community mobilization was excellent as most of the residents of Moyamba District were au fait with the polio vaccination before it even commenced.

According to lactating mothers, they learnt about the campaign through health workers deployed at their Peripheral Health Units (PHUs) and community leaders and radio stations like MODCAR. The beneficiaries were able to explain about the preventive reasons for the vaccination. Satisfactory number of them had said the vaccination was meant to prevent the deformity of the hands and feet of a child below five years of age.

The vaccination is commonly known as the Mami en Pikin Well Bodi Week (Mother and Child Health Week).The initiative is a bi-annual integrated maternal and child health campaign undertaken by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in joint effort with UNICEF, WHO, Helen Keller International, Save the Children UK, the Sierra Leone Red Cross and other supportive partners.

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