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Difference between APC & SLPP in Sierra Leone
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jun 4, 2010, 17:17

The SLPP, during the last 2002-2007 Parliament, had a huge majority of some 70% however the SLPP’s President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, being the true democrat that he was, always consulted with the minority APC party despite such a huge majority. Not only did he involve deeply alloyed APC stalwarts like current President Koroma in his Governance of the country (e.g: NASSIT) but he showed immense sensitivity to their views.

For President Kabbah as leader of the then ruling SLPP, it was not a case of ‘Minority will have their say whilst Majority will have their way’ but always one of respectful consultations.

This was why when Kabbah first proposed one Mr. Ahmed to be the country’s National Electoral Commissioner in early 2005 and APC’s Minority kicked against Ahmed’s appointment, even though Kabbah had the required number of parliamentary votes to force Ahmed upon the country, President Kabbah wanting the APC to contest assured of a level playing field, proposed a new name in person of Christiana Thorpe whom APC then accepted.

Now, tables are turned and SLPP is raising very genuine and legitimate concerns over Christiana Thorpe presiding over 2012 Elections but SLPP’s concerns are being treated with contempt by the APC’s President Koroma who has gone ahead to renew mandate of Thorpe for another five years.

President Koroma has ridden roughshod over the feelings of the SLPP membership and has gone on to re-appoint a very Mathematically-impaired Christiana Thorpe for another 5 years; so she can give us another set of National Elections Results that are mathematically skewed in favour of APC?

For elections to be seen as free, fair and credible, the participants should be assured of a level playing field from inception to conception. This, SLPP is not now assured of and this will taint the credibility of 2012 elections should SLPP lose those elections and that I submit, is a big shame to the APC Leader; especially when his actions are contrasted with that of President Kabbah back in 2005.

There are many difference between APC & SLPP that voters will be examining when they cast their votes in 2 years time. SLPP, when in Governance, always respected the views of the APC in issues concerning the credibility of national elections but APC always disrespects the views of SLPP.

The voters should take note of this difference even as the country itself should remain watchful and learn lessons from Lawyer Bu-buakei Jabbi’s legal masterpiece filed against Dr. Christiana Thorpe!

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