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Food Security Ambassador Address Journalist On Food Security News
Jun 7, 2010, 18:54

The American born food security ambassador for West Africa under the One Blood International NGO Dr.Kenneth Jackson has   been in the country since 1999 investing in the Agricultural sector in a bid to compliment government effort to attain food security.

One Blood international has established hundreds of acres of rice farm in Bo, Pujehun, Moyamba and Tonkolili district.

The food security ambassador has shown big interest in investing in Sierra Leone and other west African countries provided there is the political will.

Dr.Jackson said the country is endowed with fertile soil ,virgin bushes and flat land that could be utilised to attain food security.

In one of his field visit Dr. Jackson opined that one of the causative factors of the decade civil conflict in Sierra Leone was hunger,he said millions of people are still living with hunger which according to him has the potential to undermine the hard won peace in the country.

The food security ambassador described the current president of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as a true business man that desire to market the country to the out side world.

He said he was impressed by the move of president Koroma to re -brand the country and make it ripe for investors.

He expressed great desire to work with president Koroma if called upon so as to help him build strong foundation for food security.

He said he was frustrated by the past national administration for refusal to pay unreasonable  tokens demand before service  to top state functionaries in the then regime.

But was confident that the Ernest Bai Koroma led government has proven to put the  interest of the country first, and was satisfied with the leader as he put it president Koroma is not a politician but a business man like me.

Already the food security ambassador has landed in tractors, lift fork, vehicles and other agricultural machinery at his garage in Bo.

These machinery will be used together with manual labour to plough thousands of acres of land in areas where 1 Blood international is implementing currently among include yoni chiefdom in Tonkolili,Kori chiefdom in Moyamba, amongst others in Pujehun and Bo district.

The food security ambassador has saved over twenty million bushels of rice.


1Blood Director & food security ambassador Dr jackson demo... one of his new tractors.


Dr.Jackson show case his biggest ware house in Bo laoded with thousands of bags of seed rice .


Food security ambassador during one of his field visit in Yoni,Tonkolili district.


Dr.Jackson show case one of his ware house full with hundreds of bags of seed rice ready for plant.


Food Security ambassador inspect his poultry in BoSDC10834.


Food security ambassador in a snap shot with children and community people in rokorongSDC10737.

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