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In Sierra Leone, Zain Subscribers to Watch World Cup Live
By Augustine Samba
Jun 8, 2010, 17:06

The leading mobile communication network provider in Sierra Leone Zain-SL, under its new promotion code named; ‘Watch Football’ promotional drawn held on Sunday 6th June 2010 at Lumley Beach in Freetown saw three lucky subscribers winning themselves free tickets to watch the 2010 football World Cup to be held in South Africa commencing 11th June 2010 live.

The draw which was witnessed by several important personalities including the Managing Director for Zain-SL Ted Sauti Phiri, saw the five lucky winner Mr. Albert Kawa, Mr. Abu Bakarr Barrie, Mrs. Clara Thomas and two others with telephone numbers 076800022 and 076866757 emerging winners of the draw to watch the World Cup competition live in South Africa come June 11 this year at the expense of Zain mobile network.

In a telephone interview with one of the lucky winners Mrs. Clara Thomas with telephone number 078511398 and of 71 Fullah Town Road, Calaba Town east of Freetown, said with this world cup promo, Zain has displayed truthfulness of one of their promotional slogans ‘A Wonderful World’ which aims at making subscriber’s dreams to be realized.

"I felt so good with this kind of opportunity that Zain has bestowed in me" said Mrs. Thomas, while expressing thanks and appreciation for Zain and its management for providing not only quality network service to its subscribers but also provides additional facilities for them.

To make the event more participatory during the draw, Zain also stakes millions of Leones for best dancer. In this event, the best dancer Lady Weaken won herself the sum of one million Leones, seconded by one Gibrilla Bangura who won himself five hundred thousand Leones.

Other prizes won in the monthly and final draw of the promotion includes two thousand units, a Zain labeled mobile phone, one electrical fan, a bag of rice, and a DVD player.

Winners of the World Cup ticket draw will soon depart the shores of Sierra Leone for South Africa rich with pocket allowances, free accommodation services in South Africa, passes to watch the World cup on VIP seats and driving in sophisticated Limo Zane cars throughout their stay in South Africa.

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