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In Sierra Leone, Women of Hope Boosts Disabled Women
By Mohamed Kabba
Jun 8, 2010, 17:12

Women of Hope an international Christian organization based in Sierra Leone, has registered a total of 300 (three hundred) disabled women in Makeni. The aim of the exercise is to help the women gaining new skills to promote their livelihood.

This disclosure was made by the Chairperson Women of Hope International Mrs. Kim Kargbo in an exclusive interview with the Awareness Times on Friday 4th June 2010 at the organizationís national Head Office on Teko Road in Makeni Northern Sierra Leone.

According to Mrs. Kargbo, the purpose of this exercise is to help get women with disability off the streets, adding that the process is also geared towards boosting disabled women who are often considered the most vulnerable in the society.

Mrs. Kargbo further states that most Non Governmental Organizations operating in Sierra Leone are focusing on other issues but talk less about that of the concern of disabled women whom she described as been neglected and abandoned by society.

She went on that after registration process, these women would undergo basic educational training on development, basic communication skills, the value in society among other essential trainings that would help them become self reliance in the future.

On her part, the Secretary General Board of Directors, Women of Hope United States branch Kelsey Martin said the organization gets its donations from individual supports from the Diaspora.

Some of the disabled women told this press that they have lost almost everything including relatives and friends. They further expressed thanks and appreciation to the organization for considering them as part of the society, while using this forum to send their appeals to other NGO and the Government of Sierra Leone to further consider them and their children in their developmental plans.

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