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Jun 9, 2010, 17:02



Mysterious Death on the Increase

Local media reports have revealed that cases of mysterious deaths is on the increase in Freetown. According to reports there has been three separate identified cases involving two police officers at Lumley and Kingtom respectively, and a middle aged man at Blackhall Road in Freetown are one records in just one month. The police reports say are investigating causes of these incidences.

Government Embarks on Solar Energy

The Mayor of Freetown Municipality, Herbert George Williams is reported have said that government has ordered 3,000 solar energy panels for the city. These provisions are expected to set every street of Freetown alight on a date before December 2010. reports went on that with this development, government believes that investors would focus their investment to Sierra Leone.

29 Street Children in Custody

Local tabloid reports have revealed that with the implementation of the Freetown City Council Bye Laws on 1st June 2010, twenty-nine street children have so far been arrested and put under custody. Reasons for the arrests, reports say, have been attributed to selling of water and playing gamble during school hours.

Notorious Armed Robbers Jailed 10 Years Each

Court reports monitored have asserted that armed robbers Reginald Thomas, Gilbert Conteh, Sulaiman Kamara, Mohamed Dumbuya and Abibu Lahai Sheriff have been slammed ten years jail terms each by Justice Samuel Ademusu. The suspects, reports say have already spent 10 years in security prisons on Pademba Road since the matter started in 2000 awaiting trials for allegedly robbery on one Ishaka Jalloh millions of Leones. The suspects have thus walked out of court as free men having served their full ten years sentence already behind bars.

 SLBS Workers Paid Off with Hundreds of Millions

The Transitional Management Team of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation is reported to have paid end-of-service benefits to about 176 contract workers of the former Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service. The total amount paid to the retrenched staff is in excess of half a billion Leones as reported was provided by the United Nation Peace Building Fund for Sierra Leone.

Chief Apologies to Victimized Disable

Local tabloid reports say the Section Chief for a village where a crippled woman, Doris Alpha was physically abused two months ago is reported to have apologized publicly to the victim and the community as a whole. Reports say Chief Sahr Ellies action came as a result of massive notary from local and international human rights activists, condemnation of his action. Premier News newspaper edited by Jay Willie, has been credited with highlighting the abuse in the first place.

Amputees Promote Salones Soccer Skills

The Single Leg Amputee Sport Club is reported to have returned home after a successful peace tournament in Spain. Their victory over other foreign based tea
ms, reports say, has lured prominent soccer enthusiasts to invest in Sierra Leones football.

Principal bluffs for academic excellence

Newspaper reports have it that the Principal of the Annie Walsh Memorial School has bluffed over the schools academic excellence at the annual leavers service for the class of 2009-2010 past Friday. She is reported to have disclosed that the schools academic excellence at public exams is due to the quality education being imparted on girls. 

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