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In Sierra Leone, CORD Sierra Leone Ends Progamme Review Workshop In Bo
Jun 10, 2010, 17:14

Programme review are normally intended to provide sharpened focus on programme areas in which excellence can be achieve in order to enhance a national stature while assuring the most efficient use of available resources. Also in reviewing final plans that are the outcome of programme review will guide decision to develop and allocate new resources.

This is exactly what CORD- Sierra Leone a national Non Government operating in Sierra Leone has done at a three days programme review workshop at the J and E Guest in the Southern City of Bo.

CoRD-SL, Technical Assistant Abdul Rahman Jawara

In giving the overview of the review programme, the Technical Assistant of CORD-SL, Mr. Abdul Rahman Jawara said that the aim of the workshop is to look at individual project requirement taking into cognizance, objectives, targets and the actual project achievement dates. He further stated that the participants also look at issues and challenges that in some ways affect the implementation of CoRD-SL projects and develop strategies for improvement.

He under scored the importance of the review workshop adding it will help build synergies and team work and confidence building amongst staff and donor partners.

Hannah Mallah Project Officer Kailahun

Remarking, the Cord Sierra Leone Programme Coordinator for Kailahun District Dauda Vandi profiled the various development projects they are implementing in the country.

He said that Cord-Sierra Leone is implementing various projects in Pujehun, Kono, Moyamba, Kenema, Kailahun, Kambia and port Loko Districts aimed at improving on the lives of people and contributing to national development. Dauda Vandi disclosed that amongst the projects they are currently implementing are the Border School Projects, The Community Led Total Sanitation Project, Water and Sanitation, School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Projects, software components amongst several others.

CORD-SL Executive Director Alfred Sandi

Vandi Dauda disclosed that UNICEF, OXFAM, EU, Goal Ireland and the Government of Sierra Leone are some of their major funding partners in the country.

The Executive Director of CoRD-SL Alfred Sandi praised staff A and donor partners at the three day workshop for demonstrating a high level of commitmentĎ adding the process was not just for an academic exercise but to use the knowledge gained in the field to achieve the required project objectives.

Group Work in progress

The Executive Director commended UNICEF, Goal Ireland, OXFAM and the Government of Sierra Leone for their partnership adding it has helped expand his organizationís scope in water management and other areas in project implementation.

Alfred Sandi is encouraging staff of CoRD-SL to improve on their performance in the field in order to have positive impact and build donor confidence.

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