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Jun 21, 2010, 14:26

Under the leadership of the Tegloma Federation Chairman, Board of Directors Alhaji Alieu Mustapha and the Tegloma Federation Chairman of Administration, Alfred Moi Jamiru (Maada Jaamu), the Tegloma Federation Local Board and Chapter Presidents and delegates converged on the city of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, Canada for a two days International Mini Convention on May 21st -22nd, 2010, to discuss projects and programs that the organization will fund in Sierra Leone for the next two years. The Mini Convention was hosted under the leadership of Chief Max Bassie, President of the Toronto-Ontario Chapter. Present at the Convention was the Tegloma Federation Executive Board, Local Chapter Board Representatives, Executive members of the Administration and chapter delegates. Other chapters in attendance were Washington DC, lead by President/chief Victor Tarmoh, New York chapter/New Jersey, lead by President/chief Madam Julia Hawa Conteh, Delaware chapter, lead by President/Chief Madam Rose Mustapha, Garden States-New Jersey chapter, lead by President/Chief Madam Martina Kabba, Northern California chapter, lead by President/Chief Joseph Musa, Southern California, lead by former Chairman of Administration Alie Foh, representing Chief Mohamed Mansaray, Ohio Chapter, lead by President/Chief Sylvester Lamin, Chicago Chapter, lead by Board Chair/Chief Rev. Titus Ngegbeh, representing Chief Francess Turay, Atlanta chapter, lead by President/Chief Michael George, New England Chapter, lead by President/Chief Brima Rogers, Dallas, Texas Chapter, lead by President/Chief Reuben Ndomahina, Reading-PA, lead by Board member, Madam Adama Sesay-Kalokoh, representing President/Chief Alie Sesay and Indiana chapter, the home of the present Tegloma Federation Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru was lead by President/Chief Moses Baryoh. There were over 130 delegates in attendance from across America and Canada.

Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru(Maada Jaamu)Chairman of Administration TEGLOMA FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES APPROVES Le70,000.000.00 (SEVENTY MILLION LEONES) FOR PROJECTS IN SIERRA LEONE FOR 2010 and 2011.

After the two days conference, the delegates approved two projects in Sierra Leone; Education support project which will cover scholarship, renovation of classroom, provision of school materials and the ‘Renovation’ of a hospital ward in the Kenema hospital. These projects are estimated at about Seventy million Leones. These projects will commence between August and September, 2010. This is the first of many projects that Tegloma federation International will be funding. As an organization we have done a lot for Sierra Leone over the years, but the only thing we are credited for is the ‘supply of rice’ to family members in Sierra Leone few years ago. Moving forward, we will share our resources and efforts with the people of Sierra Leone, assuring them that Tegloma will play a part. We love Sierra Leone and we are proud of our heritage and that is why it is important that we share some of our resources, funding projects and programs that will benefit our country and our people.

Chairman Jamiru wish to thank Board Chairman Alhaji Alieu Mustapha and members of the Board of Directors, Executive members of the administration, chapter President/Chiefs and their delegates from chapter across America and Canada, and expressed optimism that UK/Ireland will join in for the 2010 International Convention scheduled for September, 2010 in Dallas Texas. The climax of the occasion was the recognition of the father of organization, Chairman Emmanuel J. Sandi with the highest award-The Flying Eagle, for dedicated service and loyalty to the Tegloma organization.

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