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In Sierra Leone, Judicial prejudice angers defence lawyer
By Augustine Samba
Jun 17, 2010, 17:08

The Defence lawyer for disaffected employees of the Sierra Leone Union of Postal Services and Telecommunications, Shears-Moses is currently perturbed by a prejudicial statement made by one Edward Y. Kamara over the radio. Edward Y. Kamara who claims to be a member of the executive stated in a radio broadcast with FM 98.1 that the matter between the union members and their executive has been settled in favour of the latter.

Lawyer Shears-Moses yesterday disclosed this to our reporter in an exclusive chat within the precincts of the Law Court in Freetown. He referred to purported information delivered by the membership of the dissolved executive as unwarranted, utterly misleading with no iota of truth. He even threatened to take drastic action against the person if such is repeated. "The matter is sub judicie in the High Court so it is very preemptive for anybody to say that a verdict has been given in favour of any party," the erudite lawyer intimated.

Speaking to Awareness, the retrenched group informed that since 17th March 2009, over three hundred of their members led by Mustapha and 6 others passed a vote of no confidence in the executive with their signatories appended. They alleged that the executive never called them to know their grievances and that on the 1st April 2009 the group went and put a lock on Union Office. This action according to them frustrated the President, Miss Isabella Campbell who immediately officially asked Labour Congress to intervene. They said a committee was thereafter formed to investigate the matter to know what exactly provoked the action of the members to undermine the executive.

The jittery executive is said to have preempted the investigation by going to court but that it was thrown out by Judge S.B Edward. A second attempt met the same fate as it was again effectively thrown out by Judge Konoyeama of the High Court on the grounds that it was under the SLCC investigation.

The SLLC investigation came out with series of recommendations including the dissolution of the executive and the formation of an interim body to be instituted within 45 days prior to the delegatesí conference; as well as a constitutional review by the incoming executive after the delegatesí conference.

This was stoutly challenged by the executive who resorted to yet another court action. The matter is expected to come up tomorrow 18th instant.

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