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In Sierra Leone, As Lands Minister Blasts Judiciary... Police Deny Knowledge of his Arrest Warrant
By Our Correspondent
Jun 17, 2010, 17:14

A bench warrant slammed against the Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Dr. Denis Sandy on Tuesday 8th June 2010 by Magistrate Davis Cole of Court No.11 for his numerous failures to make appearance in court to answer to criminal charges ranging from malicious damage, intimidation and trespass to defamatory libel is yet to get the attention of the Sierra Leone Police Force.

This was disclosed to the Awareness Times on Wednesday 16th June 2010 in an exclusive interview with the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) in charge of Crime Services, Francis Munu at their George Street offices. He denied knowledge of any bench warrant issued against the Lands Minister at any point in time. He said as stipulated by law, a bench warrant signed and stamped by any magistrate within the jurisdiction of this country must be communicated accordingly to the Inspector General (IG) or any police authority as the case may be in the form of command.

"Upon receipt of such a warrant, the police are obliged to produce the person when demanded by court," he informed, adding that in the case of the minister, they would have been informed to produce him before the court on the next adjourned date which is to be on the 28th June 2010.

On the contrary according to the AIG, they were never informed since the issuance of the warrant by the Law Court. He therefore denied the widespread condemnation from the general public that a lawful judicial order is being flounted by the Police who have so far failed to put Dr. Denis Sandy under police arrest.

Meanwhile, in complete defiance of the Judiciaryís issued Bench Warrant for his immediate arrest, Minister Sandy is openly carrying himself all around the city, going to entertainment spots and all over the place making wild boasts that no Judge can just go around and order his arrest as he is a sitting Cabinet Minister who cannot be arrested unless the Attorney-General gives permission for his arrest.

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th June 2010, he proceeded to make clownish comments that entertained the people of Freetown in an early morning radio interview with Radio Democracy. Aside his clowning over the airwaves, he openly challenged the court order, saying that the Judiciary has no powers over him insofar as issuing a Bench Warrant for him. The Cabinet Minister who has turned himself into a Public Entertainer, even went over the airwaves to threaten court action against all those newspapers, including this one, who have gone ahead to publish copies of the signed warrant.

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