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Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Sings & Dances for Money
By Mohamed Dauda Kamara
Jun 18, 2010, 13:36

In a bid to deflect growing criticisms over reports that she repeatedly wastes and exceeds her allocated travelling expenses (One year allegedly by up to a million dollars excess), the Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone yesterday June 17th 2010 told local journalists of how she is now sometimes forced to engage in grovelling in front of rich Arab men in order to have them purchase gifts for her such as air tickets.


Listening to her yesterday as she addressed journalists in the Conference Room of the Ministry of Information & Communication, Mrs. Zainab Hawa Bangura revealed that she had practised the art of begging for her person to benefit from moving from one place to the other.


As she butchered the English language with generous malapropisms and grammatically-challenged misuse of English words, she freely interchanged juncture with junction and purview with preview; all without batting an eyelid as she made mincemeat of English communication.

I sing. I dance to beg money, she told journalists adding, Me, they call me the international beggar.


Continuing her amazing narration of how she demeans her person to collect emoluments, she spoke like someone given a concoction of a local brew of Sasswood as she freely explained of an encounter she had inside the offices of the Prime Minister of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Nasser Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah.


Listen Mr. Prime Minister, me, I need a ticket oh! I want to go to Lisse in France but I dont have any money, she explained out what she told the Kuwaiti Prime Minister in a cavalier manner as she expansively showed how she gesticulated her hands as she begged the Arab man inside his offices.

She continued to explain that she was never ashamed to beg Arab men for money to help her with cash and air tickets.


So, you see, me, I am not ashamed to beg; that I will not hide. I dance, I sing, I beg for money, the Sierra Leone Foreign Minister stated as she revealed how her begging of the Kuwaiti Prime Minister yielded dividends for her.

He looks at me and he feels sorry because sometimes when I beg these men, I even weep for them, Zainab Bangura explained to journalists who listened lost in wonderful amazement at the words spilling out of the mouth of the woman who is supposed to be the countrys number one diplomat.

She also revealed that she criss-cross all over Arab States in an epilogue to her begging for air tickets to ensure she travelled all around.

Zainab Bangura then compared herself to President Koroma by saying He is shy. He is not like me. Not me, I am not shy. I beg. I shout and I even scream.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bangura now sports a new hair-do and has dropped the Arabic Muslim head-dress that all Hajas usually wear as a sign of their strong belief in the Muslim faith. She now sports a shortly cropped hairdo similar to the ones on the heads of women who make a living by selling their special talents in a manner that demeans them.

Also causing some journalists to be perturbed was the fact that Zainab had splattered huge dollops of coloured make-up all over her face yesterday in a manner similar to that found on faces of certain kinds of women who are to be found singing and dancing inside the private cubicles of rich men who pick them up from the wharf areas.

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