From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Citizens blast APC for fuel price increase
By Bampia Bund
Jun 22, 2010, 17:20

Opinion survey conducted by this medium last evening in central Freetown shows that the recent increment in the pump price of petroleum products from Le.15, 500 to Le.16, 500 came as a shock to the average Sierra Leonean.

A taxi cab driver who identified himself as Mohamed Conteh said the brunt will surely be felt by commuters as they have no choice but to increase transport fares to commensurate the increase. "This will tell greatly on our daily expenditure because everything will soar up in prices," he said.

Ibrahim Bangura a commercial bike rider, made an outright condemnation of such action often taken by the APC government to increase prices of fuel. "We did not vote for them to kill us with price increments, Man dem nor gladi oh" he said angrily. He further cautioned the government to be careful of 2012 as they are not ready to continue to live in hardship.

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Speaking on the same issue was one Madam Fatmata Kalokoh a business woman who noted that they are going to face another problem to travel with their goods from the provinces to Freetown due to the high cost of transportation. She called on President Ernest Koroma to intervene as in her words "We are really disappointed. We were expecting a messiah but weíve only got the servant. Oh Salone who will redeem us, APC or SLPP?" she cried. Several comments were made by different people across the city; some claiming that it is better that there is abundant supply of fuel with increase in cost than people queuing for commodity.

Others blame the government for poor administration and management of affairs of state. For Solomon More, a filling station sales attendant, the comments are mixed from customers. "We as sales persons are getting diverse comments on this recent fuel price increment, but many prefer price increase to scarcity," he said, though he stated that many more are grumbling. "People canít just do without fuel."

Zainab Kandapa of Abacha Street re-echoed the increase in fare. "Fuel increment will affect us greatly as transportation will also increase and people will comment on the prize of goods in the market due to the increment." She said the blame lies on Ernest Koroma because of the many unfulfilled promises to the nation. All the promises are not fulfilled. Instead things are just getting out of hands," she said adding "we go show am say na we put am de 2007."

One Mr. Francis Koroma stated that it is better this time around because people are not queuing for fuel.

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