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Suspended PMDC chair takes party to court
By Augustine Samba
Jun 22, 2010, 17:10

Executive of the Peopleís Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) makes their first appearance today in the High Court in a constitutional row between them and the suspended national chairman, Mohamed Bangura who filed a court suit against the party executive following a decision reached by the National Council to suspend him for the period of three years for unethical behaviour against the leadership of the PMDC.

The beleaguered politician on several occasions and on diverse dates through correspondences and verbal expressions demanded the resignation of the party leader, Mr. Francis Charles Margai for what he termed the latterís taking of unilateral decisions, and for losing all bye-elections conducted so far under his watchful eyes. He was however taken to task for what the party referred to as a frivolity and gross misrepresentation of the leadership of Mr. Margai. The matter was thereafter taken to the Disciplinary Committee who, after thorough investigation came out with the recommendation to suspend Mr. Bangura for the period of three years.

Mr. Bangura who felt outraged by the decision regarded it as a constitutional breach for which he took the party to court.

In an exclusive interview last evening, Mr. Bangura informed that he has hired the service of a battery of about six dynamic and erudite lawyers for prosecution. According to him his suspension was unconstitutional, a ploy by the party hierarchy to illegally edge him off from the party mainstream. "There is no clause in our party constitution that supports my suspension," he confided in the Awareness Times last night, as he bragged that all would surely be in his favour.

However there have been mudslingings by both parties to the conflict with each side proffering the essence of the very constitution. But even as we endeared comment from the national leader Mr. Francis Charles Margai, he declined on grounds that he was not the best positioned member to speak on the matter. As meek as he sounded over phone however, he referred us to the Public Relations Officer of the party, Mr. Michael Fortune who said they were in top gear to appear today. He refuted claims that the party executive has sought solidarity attendance of supporters. "That was only a figment of the suspended chairmanís imagination. If we are to gather crowd, it is surely to take us to State House in 2012, not for a triviality like this," he said adding that the party has a strong support base for 2012.

Opinion remains divided within the party membership. Whilst some supporters are suggesting a harmonious in-house settlement, others are antagonized by the move taken by Mr. Bangura, saying the executive acted in good party spirit.

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