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= STRAIGHT TALK= : Mr. Leatherboot Escorted Ban Ki Moon into SLBC
Jun 22, 2010, 17:18

Contrary to the erroneous report in a June 21st 2010 Freetown tabloid, Idrissa ‘Leatherboot’ Kamara, the renegade ex-combatant attached to Sierra Leone’s Presidential Bodyguards, is not only still a very visible and trusted part of the security entourage of H.E. President Ernest Bai Koroma but he was the one who actually walked shoulder to shoulder alongside the United Nations’ Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki Moon as the UNSG entered the premises of Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) during last week’s launch of SLBC.

Television viewers who watched the Live proceedings on their screens were astounded to see Mr. Leatherboot walk in first to the left side of Mr. Ban Ki Moon following which President Koroma entered the SLBC complex after the two men. Yes, President Koroma was one step behind Mr. Leatherboot and Mr. Ban Ki Moon!! Grab a copy of the video clip from the SLBC and check it out yourself! It speaks volumes!!!

With Mr. Leatherboot Kamara looking very distinguished and smartly dressed in a dark suit and a coloured necktie in similar fashion to the apparel that President Koroma himself sported that day, innocent viewers would be forgiven if they had mistaken Mr. Idrissa Leatherboot Kamara to actually be the President of Sierra Leone as he confidently walked into SLBC premises, shoulder to shoulder, with Mr. Ban Ki Moon for the inspection of the then just newly launched SLBC.

At one point during the proceedings just before the ribbons were cut and during the playing of National Anthem, it was the three men, Leatherboot, Ban Ki Moon and H.E. Ernest Koroma standing side by side. Yes, Mr. Leatherboot Kamara was standing and walking shoulder to shoulder with the world’s topmost civil servant, the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

Of course, Mr. Michael von der Schulenburg, the Executive Representative of Mr. Ban Ki Moon in Sierra Leone, might not have seen anything wrong with such a scene as no protocol effort was made to shield Mr. Ban Ki Moon from walking side by side alongside Mr. Idrissa ‘Leatherboot’ Kamara. One wonders if Mr. Ban Ki Moon actually knows the identity of the person he was rubbing shoulders with side by side together at the SLBC! Did Mr. Schulenburg tell Mr. Ban Ki Moon? One wonders as Mr. Ban Ki Moon and the U.N. Security Council seem to be insulated from a lot of happenings here in Sierra Leone! Schulenburg at work! But one really does not blame Mr. Schulenburg too much! The person(s) to be blamed already know themselves.

Anyway, the point of this article is to just correct all those persons who might have been misleading themselves [like Farlu Barbu] that the several heated agitations for President Koroma to do the right thing, have finally yielded fruit. They should please correct their misconceptions as from all indications, the trusted Presidential Bodyguard Mr. Idrissa ‘Leatherboot’ Kamara, who left State House up at Tower Hill on March 16th 2009 to travel all the way down to the seaside based opposition SLPP Headquarters where he led the Violent Invasion of those premises; subsequent to which Women strongly alleged they were gang-raped, is not only very visible around President Koroma and highly trusted by President Koroma but he is important enough in this country to be made to walk side by side and shoulder to shoulder with the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon.

Hope the issue is now clarified for all concerned! Mr. Idrissa ‘Leatherboot’ Kamara is very visible & actually rubbed shoulders with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

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