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In Sierra Leone, Farzine Foundation for Africa Donates to Five Institutions in Bo
Jun 23, 2010, 17:00

ĎGiving Helping Hand to the Poor and Needy Onesí is the motto of the charity organization, Farzine Foundation in Bo City, Southern Sierra Leone that recently made handsome donations to five institutions.

Farzine Foundation extended their first gesture to the Sahara Hotel, New Gerehun Road in Bo where they fed about three thousand people. Form there they proceeded to four academic institutions starting with the Namiya Islamic Secondary School along the Bo- Kenema Highway. Here Farzine Foundation donated books, pens, crayons, erasers, used clothing and shoes to almost 2000 pupils on the schoolís roll.

At the Cheshire Home the charity handed out used clothing and shoes for the teachers while the pupils received in donation used clothing, books and pens. Also to benefit were pupils of the School for the Blind along the Bo- Kenema Highway as Farzine Foundation made donations in books, used clothing and other consumables. This was replicated to students of the School for the Deaf and Dumb at Coronation Field where Farzine Foundation for Africa made similar donations of learning materials, used clothing and foot wears.

The actualization of those wonderful gestures were made possible by people like Fanta Sesay Zine, both Mohamed Zine Sr and Jr, Mariama Bangura, Abibu Zine, Haja Hawa Zine and Mr. Alie Fataba who not only made cash contribution but even offered his place for the organisationís activities to help to feed Children. Mr. Alie Sesay of 52 Damballa Road Bo with Mrs. Amnata Sesay and the rest of the Sesay family and Mr. Mohamed Kabba made no small contribution to the charity to help the poor and needy.

Farzine Foundation for Africa has also constructed a toilet for pupils of the Namiya Islamic Secondary School in that city.

Farzine Foundation for Africa wishes to inform all well wishers and good will organizations countrywide that whosoever wants to promote the welfare of children and the needy may do so through the following people that form membership of the organization. Fanta Sesay Zine and Alie M. Sesay can be reached on 033-722-660; Aminata Sesay on 078-208-552 while Mohamed Kabba can be contacted on 033-683-499.

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