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A Press Conference called to Make An Exciting Bauxite Announcement in Sierra Leone
Jun 23, 2010, 17:16

June 11, 2010 was the start of World Cup Games in South Africa but the press conference called that day to announce the exciting Bauxite news was jam-packed with local journalists who abandoned their TV screens to attend

Mines Minister Alpha Khan addressing local journalists about the hundreds of tonnes of Bauxite now confirmed to be located in Port Loko and for which ABG Investors were all set to pour in cash into Sierra Leone

From Left to Right; Samir Patel CEO of SLEMCO, ABG's Chief Finance Officer, Alieu Sesay SLEMCO Chairman and Major Arun Phartak President of ABG

Alieu Sesay preparing to hand over the Geological Map showing all the areas where modern satellite technology discovered Bauxite to be located in Northern Sierra Leone

Mines Minister holds up Geological Map with all the exciting features on it. Map was plotted by locally trained Sierra Leone geologists whose findings have been confirmed by world renowned geologists

One of the University of Sierra Leone trained local geologists who made the initial findings that have now been deemed accurate by satellite technology of the highest possible standards. Bravo!

Mines Minister shows an area of the map depicting where Bauxite is heavily concentrated and which is confirmed to be part of ancestral home of Dep. Information Minister Saidata Sesay shown looking on.

The ABG and SLEMCO Investors listening to the wonderful news that they have assured all that their investments are all going to be within world standards and will abide by the enacted Mines Act of 2009

President and CEO of ABG Group Major Arun Phartak is shown as he expresses his excitement to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone. He expresses satisfaction with his reception in the country.

Major Arun Phartak in a firm handshake with Mines Minister after he finishes his presentation to the journalists gathered. The ABG Investor already has 70million dollars set to pour into Bauxite Mines

SLEMCO Chairman, Alieu Sesay took pains to inform journalists of how he traveled to many countries sounding out potential investors to partner with and why he rejected many investors out of patriotism

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