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Suspended PMDC chair’s court matter deferred
Jun 23, 2010, 17:20

Storm law court

High Court yesterday informed PMDC’s suspended national chairman that paper works were yet to be completed for proceedings to commence a matter he brought before the honourable court against the leadership of the party.

Mohamed was flanked by a dozen of supporters and sympathizers on Tuesday 22nd June 2010 when he elegantly walked into the court room in preparedness for the hearing.

Briefing journalists within the court premises, Mr. Bangura said he sued the party executive to court to seek redress since according to him it is Mr. Charles Margai, the party’s leader who machinated his three years’ suspension. "Mr. Margai summoned party members to our PMDC office without my knowledge. All what I could see later was a suspension letter,’ he said, adding that he decided to come to court to get justice. He expressed hope that the matter would be resolved before the next general elections, though he informed that the court proceeding will not be an impediment to the party’s participation in the 2012 elections. "The PMDC will still contest the elections even if the matter remains on court", he went on as he stated that the PMDC does not believe in any in-fighting.

The matter has not yet been officially registered in the court file for trial.

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