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Jun 24, 2010, 17:02



Bench Warrant for Chief Librarian  

The president of the Industrial Court, Justice M.E Tholla Thompson has reportedly issued a bench warrant for Sallieu Turay, the chief librarian of the Sierra Leone Library Board.  Mr. Turay is alleged to have failed to comply with court verdict to pay benefits and other emoluments to one Mr. Kawuta Kamara who reportedly served the institution for 22 years took management to court for failing to pay his retirement benefits.  The Chief Librarians failure to comply has led to the bench warrant for him.

APC Honorable to appear on Bench Warrant

Magistrate Steven Conteh of Magistrate Court No.1A in Freetown has reportedly issued a bench warrant for Hon. Dauda Dumbuya of Constituency 93, Goderich for failing to appear in court in two consecutive sittings on the 14th and 18th of June 2010 respectively.  The APC MP is reportedly stands to answer to six count charges of conspiracy to commit felony, wounding with intent, trespass, threatening to kill and assault occasioning in bodily harm all contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.  the next court sitting will be on the 5th of July.

Police aid Armed Robbers Escape

Reports have alleged that personnel of the Sierra Leone Force attached to the Kissy Police Division in the east end of Freetown recently aided the escape of two armed robbers held in police custody.  Reports reveal that the two escapees named Alhassan and Derrick both of New Site in Kissy were arrested on the 20th May at the Eastern Paddys Night Club in possession of a gold chain belonging to one Mr. Ibrahim Bangura of No.3 Easton Street who had earlier filed report of an armed attack.  The reports say the suspects on May 14th this year allegedly broke and entered into the complainants shop at No.30 Personage Street Kissy and took away items estimated at Fifteen Thousand Dollars, including the gold necklace found in their possession.

Cocaine Plan bought for USD131,000

An Air line company, Sierra Leone Airlines, reportedly owned by the APC Minister of Mineral Resources and Political Affairs, Hon. Alpha Khanu is said to have won the bid for the purchase of confiscated Sesna Plane grounded and seized by the Sierra Leone Government for unauthorized landing and the carrying of cocaine in 2008 at the Lungi International Airport.  The seized plane was sold on limited public tender and according to reports Alpha Khanus Company bought it for US$131,000 against Zeev Mongesteins Company, UT Air that made an offer of US$ 135,000.  Reports allege that UT Airs bid was turned down in favour of the senior cabinet minister, though he is still unable to repair the plane.

Fake Sierra Leoneans to be deported 

Three people, Abubakarr Dumbuya, Michael Jean-Marie and Bobson Esso Bundu carrying Sierra Leonean passports will soon be deported from Norway.  According to reports, the three were about to seek asylum at the Norwegian Immigration Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in ODDA in the District of Hordaland, but were refused, following reports that they had abused their temporary status in other European Countries.  Investigations proved that the three persons are all non Sierra Leoneans.

NaCSA Constructs over 700 Shelters

Local tabloids say that the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has constructed over seven hundred and sixty shelters for former Liberian Refugees in the Southern and Eastern Provinces of Sierra Leone as part of the local integration project for those that have chosen to stay in Sierra Leone.  The senior director of programme, Dr. William Conteh is reported to have said that most refugees did not only lose their countries of origin but are still faced with the problems of shelters in Sierra Leone.  He also reportedly disclosed that government, with support
from UNHCR has also acquired a large acreage of land Kissi Town in the Western Rural District to construct shelters for former refugees who avail themselves for local integration.

Notorious Armed Robbers rearrested

Notorious armed robber, Mohamed Massaquoi who escaped from detention at the Criminal Investigative Department Headquarters in Freetown was on 14th February 2010 reportedly recaptured and brought to court to answer to two count charges of assault and escape from detention. He was originally charged for unlawfully beating Detective Police Constable Joseph Simbo while executing official duty.  He was given a two-year prison term for escaping while the crime for which he was arrested prior to his escaped from remand is under proceeding.

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