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In Sierra Leone, Zain Goes International With Its Data Roaming Service
Jun 24, 2010, 17:04

Day after day, Zain Sierra Leone marks significant steps forward in enhancing telecom mobile communication in Sierra Leone. As part of it expansion strategy and in response to the needs of its growing subscriber base, Zain, the leading GSM and Data services operator in Sierra Leone since 2000, launched a new "Data Roaming" service for its postpaid roaming linesí owners.

Responding to the growing challenges of mobile communication and as the need to stay connected "anytime and anywhere" is becoming a necessity, Zain is providing its postpaid residential and business roaming subscribers the possibility to access Mobile Internet, WAP, and BlackBerryģ services, in addition to sending MMS from their handsets while they are abroad. This service allows mobile-phone users to stay updated with the stock market, daily news in addition to internet surfing and chatting as well as music and video downloading.

Zainís Commercial Director, Keith G Tukei said:

"We at Zain are proud to join leading worldwide operators to ensure global coverage for Zainís postpaid subscribers through introducing the Data roaming service. Keith added "This service, added to many others that Zain launched is in line with our ambitious plans to develop and enhance mobile data services in efficiently connecting Sierra Leone to the whole world, while improving overall customer experience and satisfaction."

In this regard, Keith mentioned that "We are pleased to introduce the Data roaming service for Zainís postpaid roaming subscribers as it meets our ultimate aim of providing convenience and peace of mind for business travelers. As always, we will strive to work towards providing the most comprehensive and cost effective mobile communications and mobile data roaming services for our subscribers with other prospect services to be launched soon from Zain."

The Data roaming service is being offered free of charge upon the request of postpaid roaming subscribers. However, additional charges are incurred on the MB usage per subscriber per country where it varies according to the foreign country the subscriber is roaming from. The activation is simple and requires Zainís postpaid subscribers to add "Roaming" service and Mobile Internet, WAP, or/and BlackBerry service for Data Roaming activation.

This service has been activated with leading operators worldwide, to ensure global coverage for Zainís clients base.

Itís worth mentioning that Zain is the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East and now a major player on the African continent. Today, Zain is a leading mobile and data services„ÄÄoperator with„ÄÄa commercial footprint„ÄÄin„ÄÄ23 Middle Eastern„ÄÄand African countries with a workforce of over 13,000„ÄÄproviding a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to„ÄÄover„ÄÄ72.5 million active individual and business customers (December 31, 2009).

Zain in Sierra Leone, formerly Celtel, launched its services in Sierra Leone in September 2000 and was part of Celtel International. Over the years, Zain has made it possible for many Sierra Leoneans to be part of the rapid movements and improvements in a trendy communications world so that we donít look any less sophisticated than the average American or European out there.

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