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In Sierra Leone, Parents Make Call to save their dying child
By Aruna Turay
Jun 24, 2010, 17:10

The parents of eighteen months old Marion Bangura of No. 7 Pipe Line off Wilkinson Road in Freetown are calling on child advocacy organizations/ministries and agencies across the world to help save the life of their poor daughter from meeting her untimely death.

Mr. and Mrs. Bangura on Wednesday 23rd June 2010 held an in-door discussion with our senior reporter on possible ways to solicit assistance from well wishers and charity organizations for the little suffering girl.  

Poor and Dying Marion Bangu

Marions medical history, and as diagnosed in January this year by Sierra Leones only Physician/Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Desmond S.J. Olu-Black shows symptoms of paroxysmal tachypnoea, cough, intermittent pyrexia, anorexia and failure to thrive, symptoms he said were apparent since birth.  He said palliative therapy has been effected but that the therapeutic resonance as should be expected has been unsatisfactory as the poor girl continues to suffer frequent exacerbations of the initial symptoms which has caused a medical condition that necessitates for this infant to be accorded the opportunity for more subtle diagnostic appraisal (viz Echo-cardio graphic studies, catheterization, Angiogram, MRI) and the appurtenant cardiac surgery at the earliest expedition, since these are not available locally. This has now worried the parents since they can not afford such an expensive cardiac operation abroad.  It is in this vein that this reporter has decided to join hands with them for the solicitation of assistance to save the poor girls life. 

Marion bangura and her mum.

Marion is one of twins delivered 18 months ago and the ailment was spotted from birth.  My husband is presently unemployed so we can not just afford the bill, she disclosed with tears trickling down her cheeks.  Please Mr. Journalist help us to bring our childs plight to the attention of the entire world.  We do not want her to die of a disease that is curable. 

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