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Afsatu Kabba
Meet Police Constable 7311 Teddy Massaquoi (Afsatu Kabba's Bodyguard)
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Jun 24, 2010, 17:18

On 27th May 2010, Sierra Leone's Anti Corruption Commission(ACC)s first protected witness (PW2) in the case of State vs. Afsatu Kabba alleged to the Court that Afsatu Kabba instructed him to hand over the sum of Le230million embezzled funds to her official driver and her OSD police security officer up at Parliament. Subsequent to this, PW3 was to make similar claims involving the driver and security.

Awareness Times investigative team then launched an effort to locate the driver and the security which we successfully did on that same 27 May 2010. We  extensively interviewed both the driver and the security but so as not to prejudice the matter and in light of the tremendous respect this newspaper has for Hon. Justice Ademusus Court, we have all this while refrained from publicising what these two very fine gentlemen told us.

Meanwhile, in the light of recent developments that saw ACC requesting for "more time" at last adjourned date of June 16th 2010 and a certain June 18th 2010 Letter from the ACCs Calvin Mantsebo to the OSD Police Headquarters at Brookfields, we have today decided to publish our exclusive photographs of the OSD security officer P.C. 7311 Teddy Massaquoi and Mr. Mani Ghandi, the official driver.

Have we interviewed them on the testimony of ACCs witnesses? Maybe Yes we have or Maybe No we have not... Who knows? God Knows the truth... One thing we do know is Truth, crushed to the ground, will always rise up again.

This fine gentleman was Haja Afsatus official driver Mr. Mani Ghandi

This fine gentleman was the OSD Security Detail to the former Minister, Haja Afsatu O.E. Kabba

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