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In Sierra Leone, Peninsular Road cut off as Two Goderich Bridges collapse
By Aruna Turay
Jun 25, 2010, 17:16

Following the heavy down pour of rain that lasted for four hours in the early hours of Thursday 24th June 2010 in Freetown, the main bridge linking Goderich to the rest of Freetown and forming part of the Peninsular Road network collapsed, resulting to a total cut-off for commuters, especially vehicular traffic. To make matters even worse, the other smaller bridge just after Marjay Town also collapsed.

The main Goderich bridge in question has been a death trap with numerous cracks for years now. With the coming to power of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party, hopes were flying high that the Peninsular Road, the first phase of which was constructed by the former SLPP government would be completed since a lot of fanfare was made when the second phase construction was launched by President Koroma. Before becoming president, Ernest Bai Koroma was a member of the Goderich community and he made several promises that the Peninsular Road completion was high on his agenda.

Hopes faded however, when the president moved from his personal residence at Goderich to occupy State Lodge at Hill Station. Even construction work on the second phase of the Peninsular Road, on which Goderich Bridge remains stalled since the contract was awarded to SCE to continue from where the SLPP stopped at Tokeh Village. With the snailís pace at which the construction work is being carried out, the collapse of the bridge has further compounded the problem for commuters who see no quick fix for repairs.

It is only hoped that the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) will speedily step in to at least make the repairs, and not to depend on CSE.

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