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Jun 28, 2010, 12:48



$244M for Salone Farmers and Others

It has been reported that the United States government has announced that it is doling out $244 million to empower mostly small farmers in Sierra Leone, Togo and Rwanda in Africa, Haiti in the Caribbean and Bangladesh in Asia. Reports say the fund come from the global agriculture and food security program; an intervention program launched by the US in April 2010, to help fight hunger, increase rural income and alleviates poverty.

Police Beat Bike Rider to Coma

Tension mounted on 23rd June 2010 in Makeni between the Makeni bike riders association and the Makeni city council over the alleged merciless beating of a bike rider by a police officer. The police officer was said to have manhandled the bike rider until he became unconscious. Reports say the victim is a resident of Makeni and was alleged assaulted on the instruction of the mayor of the Makeni City Council, Mr. Moses Sesay.

Woman Arrested for Child Poisoning

Local tabloids have reported that a house wife called Mabinty Sesay of
2G Savage Street Brima Lane, Wellington in Freetown is presently helping the police in their investigation into the circumstance that led to the alleged poisoning of three years old child, Dennis Jalloh. Doctors at the Connaught hospital in Freetown are reportedly battling to save the life of the poisoned child.

Youth Commission to Benefit from $12m Loan Agreement

Reports monitored from local tabloids indicate that the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Momodu Kargbo, has informed parliament that the youth commission is to benefit from a $12 million loan financing agreement supplemental and financing for third governance reform and growth credit signed between Sierra Leone and the international development association.


Reverend Rejects Corpse


Revered Kamara of the Saint Thomas Kroo Church on 24th June at the Ascension town cemetery protested that he was not going to commit the remains of 57 years old Theophilus Fidel Hanciles. Report says the funeral procession of the late man was attended by a host of mask devils and secret society members, who were chanting songs and openly drinking alcohol as they dance towards the cemetery. The Rev. Kamara became annoyed and refused to carry on with the burial rites on the condition that all the secret societies exit from the cemetery.

SLPP Complains Cabinet Makeup


The main opposition party mouthpiece has reported that the people from Eastern Province of Sierra Leone do not have a single one of their brothers or sisters sitting in the current Koroma Ministerial Cabinet. The newspaper alleges that the bulk of the Cabinet makeup is of Northerners with a sprinkling of Western Area and only two from the Southern Province.


ACC Witness Prepared Fictitious Docs

Another Prosecution Witness in the case of Anti Corruption versus Haja Afsatu Kabba has told the Court of his propensity to prepare fictitious documents. PW5 stated that he prepared fictitious documents in order to whitewash his criminal activities at the Ministry. He also indicted the President by saying when he said State House, he meant occupied by the Highest Person in the Land.

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