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Afsatu Kabba
In Sierra Leone, Witness Drives Off Leaving Afsatu and Her Jeep at Parliament, Heads Straight for State House and upon Arrival He Meets Afsatu’s Jeep Already Parked at State House!!!
Jun 28, 2010, 13:18

Sixth Prosecution Witness (PW6) in the matter of the State versus Afsatu Kabba has described to the Court a scenario reflective of James Bond 007 movies where James Bond’s vehicles will develop wings and fly across the skies at high speed.

According to PW6 upon him, PW2 and PW3 arriving at Parliament on 27 October 2009, they met a black Jeep which he identified to be that of the Haja Afsatu Kabba’s Prado Jeep tinted black. He said PW3 went into parliament building to tell Afsatu Kabba that they had arrived with the money. He said Haja Afsatu Kabba herself did not come out of Parliament to receive the money but instead PW3 returned with Haja Afsatu Kabba’s driver and her personal OSD Police security officer.

PW6 said they handed the cash to Kabba’s driver and OSD police security who both transferred it into the parked Black Prado.

“They took the money from my own Jeep to the Black Jeep. The driver, the security and PW3 handled the money,” the witness told the court.

ACC wants Court to convict her on Witness Testimonies

The witness then said he asked his co-conspirators for his own expected share and he was assured he would receive it at the office. So, the witness told the court that following this assurance, he entered into his vehicle and “drove home”.

It was at this point of saying he “drove home”, that ACC Prosecutor Calvin Mantsebo interjected in very strongly to the witness asking him where he first went before he got home.

It was at this point of the leading question posed in Mantsebo’s interjection, that the Witness rephrased his answer and now stated as follows: “Before I went home, I went first to State House”.

The witness went on to explain that he had promised two or three of his friends at State House that he was expecting money and he would give them from the money but since he said he had not been given the expected money, he said he went to State House to tell them that the expected money did not materialize.

Still continuing to lead the Witness, Calvin Mantsebo then asked the Witness, “Is there anything that happened at State House when you arrived?” to which the Witness gave the following answer to the leading question, “Yes. I met the Accused Person’s Black Prado Jeep. It was parked there at State House”.

A visibly flustered Mantsebo then asked another leading question of whether he went directly straight to State House from Parliament or whether he maybe had delayed and passed somewhere else first before arriving at State House?”

The ACC’s Witness then responded, “Yes. I drove straight from Parliament to State House and immediately I arrived at State House, I met the Accused’s Black Prado Vehicle parked at State House”!!!!

In James Bond movies, an actor will drive off leaving a James Bond vehicle at a certain location only for it to appear in front of him at his destination since the James Bond vehicle has the capacity to sprout wings, fly across the skies over the heads of the other vehicle and land in front of it. So, in James Bond movies, on arrival at your destination, it is not strange to meet the James Bond vehicle you had left behind at your previous location, already parked waiting at your destination in front of you since the James Bond vehicle would have flown with wings in the skies, over your head so as to arrive and park before you arrived.

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