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Jun 29, 2010, 17:02



US police arrests two for Sierra Leonean murder

Local tabloid reports have asserted that personnel of the New York Department of Police have arrested two suspects allegedly connected to the killing of a Sierra Leonean teenager resident in the US, Mohamed Jalloh.  Mohamed Jalloh reportedly met his untimely death in the hands of hooligans away from home a couple of weeks back.  His mortal remains are said to be awaiting burial in Guinea Upper Manhattan in New York.  Investigations continue.

UNIDO/Russia to revive Marine Training

Dmitri Piskounov, the Managing Director of Programme Development and Technical Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation is reported to have disclosed his organizations desire to boost Sierra Leones Marine Sector.  The Russian aide is reported as saying that the project will constitute human resource capacity building, fishing and sea food processing technology as well as the institution of legal fishing practices in the country.

Dead baby discovered in drainage

A-yet-to-be identified mother reportedly abandoned her new born baby which dead remains were discovered by curious Gassama Street residents in Calaba Town, east end of Freetown on Friday 25th June 2010.  The discovery came about when rain water drifted the floating body following a heavy down pour that evening.  Astounded residents reportedly removed the body, and with the help of a Civil Society Activist alerted the K-Step Police station.  The police gave orders for the burial of the body while investigation continues. 

1,016 Police Officers promoted

The Inspector General of Police, Brima Acha Kamara reports say in commemoration of his seventh year in office has recently promoted 1,016 (One Thousand and Sixteen)  deserving officers to the rank of Sergeant.  Even as the IG insisted that the promotions were made based on merit, a cross section of serving officers are crying foul, saying that they have served for over decades as Constables without promotion.  They are said to be dissatisfied with the new arrangement.

Private securities nab armed robbers

Four notorious armed robbers according to reports have been nabbed by guards of the Mount Everest Security Agency security manning various stations.  The two recent nabbing took place separately at Leocem Cement Factory in Cline Town, and the United Methodist Church along Gloucester Street in central Freetown past Friday 25th June.  The gangs of thieves who were armed with offensive weapons reportedly fought hard for escape to no avail even when some of the personnel on duty that night sustained injuries. The private security guards were reportedly assisted by residents of the respective localities.

Drunken teacher manhandles pupils

A teacher of the Missionary Church of Africa Secondary School in Freetown who is said to have been under the influence of alcohol is alleged to have beaten three of his students to coma.  Mr. Kuyateh, an English tutor of the NPSE class according to reports was punishing them for failing to attend his Saturday class.


Central Bank attacker demands ECOBANK exit

A well armed man according to local spreadsheets on Saturday 26th June 2010 attempted a broad day light attack on the Sam Bangura Building housing the Central Bank of Sierra Leone along Gloucester Street in Freetown.  The man in his mid thirties and who reportedly claimed to be an ex-service soldier damaged the buildings gate demanding the closure of ECOBANK, the bank that has recently took over the management of Pro-Credit Bank. No apparent reason has been advanced by the irate young man who is said to be currently detained in police cell as investigation continues.

Fares remain stagnant despite pump price hike

In spite of increase in the pump price of petroleum products, the Ministry of Transport  and Aviation has on 21st June 2010 agreed with stakeholders not to increase transport fares for commuters. According to reports, ministry reached this ultimatum with stakeholders since last years increase in pump prices saw a corresponding increase in fares in anticipation of other fuel increase.

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