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In Sierra Leone, Health Minister Denies Security Racket
By Dauda Kamara
Jun 30, 2010, 17:10

Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation Mr. Mohamed Daudis Koroma has denied knowledge of any link with any security racket as erroneously published in a local tabloid of Tuesday June 29, 2010.

In a short interview with this medium, Minister Koroma asserted having no knowledge of the recruitment of Mr. Moses L. Khoda, the security officer the publication claimed was ‘imposed’ on the ministry by the Deputy Minister to be the ministry’s Chief Security Officer.

"I do not even know this Khoda, let alone to have unduly influenced his appointment as alleged by the newspaper", he noted, adding that he was not even the minister by the time the said security officer was apparently appointed to the position.

According to Mr. Koroma before the reporter "wrote the trumped up story", he recently materialized in his office with request to see him even when the he was engaged in a closed door meeting with some medical practitioners.

"When he was told by my aide that I would not be easily available and that he needed to exercise patience, he brushed everybody off and unceremoniously left the office", Hon Daudis Koroma asserted, adding that little did he know that the gentleman was up to "something so diabolical against me".

The minister could not conceal his dismay during the snap interview at the several calls received from both critics and well wishers with regards "that pettiness" as he referred to the article.

"People who read that misleading article agreed with me that it was a deliberate ploy meant to dent my reputation within the government and in the public domain," he furthered, while stating that the intention of the writer was to sabotage his work which he is successfully carrying out. He however hastened to say that those who are behind the deal are known critics who envy his patriotic drive within the APC government.

He however used the occasion of his chat with this newspaper to state that he has decided to pardon the newspaper’s editorial board, as he entreated shame on colleagues for such unchecked publication. He said this in his capacity as a professional journalist, a profession he can never show disregard for.

"My office is always open to the press so I see no reason for colleagues to write about me without cross checking with me," he concluded.

One gentleman who was at the Minister’s office and who identified himself as Augustine Fallah, opined that "everyone knows Mohamed Daudis Koroma is one of President Koroma’s hardworking lieutenants so we the citizens will only tell him to continue to work harder as his stature will be difficult to erase right now".

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