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In Sierra Leone, Jenkins-Johnston cautions AG against abuse of executive powers
By Momoja Lappia
Jul 1, 2010, 17:00

In the on ongoing matter between complainant, Lara E.M TaylorĖPearce and Mr. O.F. Cline-Cole and defendants, Dr Dennis Sandy, the Minister of Lands and two others for various offences allegedly committed between February and March 2010 before Freetown, Magistrates Court No.11 presided by Magistrate Herbert Davies-Cole,¬† J.B.,Jekins- Johnston Esq of Ayotunde Chambers has in an open letter to His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma on 25th¬†June this year stoutly protesting against the misuse/abuse of executive powers by the Attorney-Generalís Office.

In that letter which was copied to thirteen other vital government functionaries, the doyen of law questioned why Dr Sandy, Joe Tommy and Mr. Vandi failed to appear for hearing before Magistrate Herbert Davies- Cole after been duly served.

Most annoying to J. B. Jenkins- Johnston is even when the court ordered that notices be served on the accused persons and Affidavits of Service filed. Dr. Sandy did not turn up but instead took to the mass media insulting the complainants and their solicitors, emphasizing in defiance that he will not attend court sittings.¬† Protesting further over how the Attorney Generalís office has treated the matter, J.B. Jenkins-Johnston Esq. is how on Monday 28th¬†June 2010 that even though the complainants appeared in court alongside the other two accused in the absence of Dr Dennis Sandy, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. O. V. Robbin-Mason announced that he had taken over the prosecution, making it clear to the utter amazement, shock, consternation and dismay of all present that he has field for a Nolle Prosequi which prevented the counsel for complainants not to speak in spite of several protests to the court.

J. B. Jenkins-Johnston Esq. pointed out that although the DPP has power as mandated by Section 66 (4) of Sierra Leoneís Constitution it does not warrants its misuse for persons who commit criminal offences like Dr. Dennis Sandy.

The erudite human rights lawyer asked the DPP whether he believed he had done justice to Mr. Chine-Cole and his daughter Mrs. Taylor-Pearce who had been intimidated and abused with her private property maliciously damaged.

Such, as J.B. Jenkins-Johnston reminded in his protest letter falls among key issues the Truth and Reconciliation Commission identified as some of the causes of the concluded rebel war in Sierra Leone.

In disgust and disappointment, he concluded that where the law remains having sa
cred cows and untouchables, it speaks volume about how the court and government keep paying lip service to equality before the law.  

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