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Detractors Decry But Patriotic Citizens Work Harder: Leave Deputy Health Minister Koroma Alone
By Augustine Fallah
Jul 1, 2010, 17:08

Detractors of the present government of Ernest Bai Koroma will go to all extent in portraying a negative image of the administration by using any means at their disposal, and this spate of unjustified and false allegations which is machinated by people closely linked with the opposition has now targeted Mr. Mohamed Daudis Koroma, the hardworking Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister.

False Implications      

The latest such attempt at denigrating the present government has been done through a fake story in a local tabloid falsely implicating Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma in a matter of which he has no dealings. No one needs to be a man with a very high IQ to know that the whole story is baseless, one sided and a highly opinionated form of writing which no respectful journalists will ever append his or her byline to. I will not like to make any attacks on any individual but suffice it to say that journalists should not allow themselves to be the open tools of disgruntled but corrupt individuals who have a penchant for revenge because their domination has been challenged.

We all know that corruption has been one of the endemic factors derailing any attempt at enforcing any health policy brought in by various Governments since Independence. The main problem has been the mafia which has held on to the throat of any development which has been slated for the development of the health sector in the country.

Drug Mafia

Mohamed D. Koroma in his patriotic and no nonsense haste to correct the already entrenched corrupt drug mafia in the health sector has stepped on the toes of huge interests who have traditionally been obstacles to development. No one can deny the fact that the Health and Sanitation Ministry has been the most backward and corrupt among all the mainline ministries. This can even be adduced to the fact that the former Minister of Health and Sanitation became enmeshed and enticed by the corrupt cabal in this ministry and succumbed to corruption.

With Mohamed D. Koroma as Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister, his robust and pragmatic approach in confronting the problems and challenges in his area of responsibility has been astounding and equally successful. Gone are the days when all sorts of dubious individuals set up water processing factories to market it to the pubic. A stringent examination process now entails all that all such enterprises are observing all the rules and regulations, including sanitary and hygienic conditions.

Action Minister

Expired drugs are not common anymore in pharmacies and patent medical outlets because the Deputy Minister, in his constant raids both in the city and even in the Provinces has successfully arrested the king pins and they are now facing the law. The Pharmacy Board has also been injected with the spirit of vigor by Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma and now we are seeing more expired and fake drugs being burnt by Government.

President Koroma has a hardworking man in the person of Mohamed D. Koroma and even the opposition and the corrupt cabal knows this is one individual who is not easy to be swayed to their nefarious acts. He has performed in a successful manner in his Ministry and notwithstanding the fact that he is not a physician, the Deputy Minister has proved he is indeed the type of character needed in such a ministry.

PHD Syndrome

No one is perfect. This is well known, but when a citizen of our Republic manifests himself in a honorable manner in matters of State affairs, we should support and stand by him or her. Such is the belief I have and I am sure a considerable number of like minded Sierra Leoneans also hold this belief. The problem is that we cannot praise where praises are due, but we instead try creating false stories and denigrating the character of those we see as growing through his own bootstraps, so to speak. The United States of America has become a successful nation today because they believe and support individuals who make it through the difficult challenges to emerge as victorious leaders. This is what makes the US and even other advanced countries the leaders of the world. But unfortunately in Sierra Leone, we are still trapped through the binds of hate, calumny and the jealousies of seeing someone achieving greater goals in the midst of huge challenges. We hate to see success.

Critics Wrong

The secret is that Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma has proved the critics wrong. He has served the government of Sierra Leone and is successfully carrying out the functions and duties given to him by his Boss President Ernest Bai Koroma. He is doing his stewardship in a perfect manner and he should therefore be awarded with praises rather than being knocked down with the stick of hate and jealousy.

The examples continue to show the works of this young man. He went to the United States where among world dignitaries like the UN Secretary-General and other statesmen, represented and presented the case for Sierra Leone perfectly.

The Deputy Health Minister has also been the active support behind President Ernest Bai Koromas free health care initiative for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children beneath the age of five.


What else can we expect from this man expect mere magic and the impossible. Leave allow Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma to do his work for Mama Salone.

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