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Jul 2, 2010, 17:10



Albert Academy pupil on the run for rape

Local tabloids have it that a 22-year-old student of the Albert Academy Senior Secondary School whose name as given as Tejan Conteh is currently on the run on allegation of rape said to be perpetrated against a female student.  According to reports, the victim was raped by the perpetrator on June 11 this year leading to the loss of her virginity.  Tejan Conteh is also reported to have threatened to kill the girl should she attempt to expose him.  This reportedly warranted a report to the police who are now investigating the matter as the culprit remains at large. 

Kasunko Chiefdom sensitized on Local Tax collection

Two Non Governmental Organizations, CARE International and ENCISS have ended a two-day sensitization programme on local Tax collection in the Kasunko Chiefdom, Koinadugu District in northern Sierra Leone.  According to reports, the purpose of the sensitization was to create awareness of the essence of pay taxes and what benefits are expected of the local people.  Locals of Kasunko Chiefdom have reportedly been reneging on tax payments over the years.

Forecast says July rains cats and dogs

Metrological Department Experts have reportedly forecast the month of July to experience heavy downpour of rain that may cause several damages to crops, houses and other infrastructures.  This has caused the Metrological Department to reportedly warn people to be careful to minimize casualties.

Okada rider runs into a  pregnant woman

A commercial bike (Okada) on Monday 28th June 2010 recklessly ran into a pregnant woman named Mariatu Sesay at Berry Street in Freetown.  The reckless rider using a bike with Registration Number CAN 234 was reportedly at high speed while descending a hill, and in process lost control that resulted in the gruesome accident.  The poor victim was rushed to the government hospital where she is said to be responding to medication.

SLTU to introduce peace education

In collaboration with various stakeholders including government and NGOs, the Sierra Leone Teachers Union will next academic year introduce Peace Education as part of school curriculum through out the country. The objective for introducing the new subject is to reduce the high violation of human rights that has heightened since the war ended in 2002.  A three-week training course on the Peace Education Module will reportedly be conducted at Hotel 5:10 in Freetown to capacitate teachers and other school authorities. 

International community piles pressure on APC

Local tabloids have alleged that donors and Western diplomats are still scolding the APC government for their repeated failure to speedily and transparently prosecute suspects arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, political thuggery, scams and drug trafficking among others.  Donors and western diplomats are reportedly concerned that most of the crimes committed are by members of the Closed Protection guards of the president and with impunity.  .

Queen Elizabeth II to visit Sierra Leone

Local tabloids intimate that to grace the 50th Independence Anniversary of Sierra Leone on April 27, 2011, President Ernest Bai Koroma will invite Queen Elizabeth II of England.  The letter of invitation will reportedly be delivered to the queen by the president during a visit to the United Kingdom in September this year.  The detail of the invitation is being worked out through diplomatic channels both in London and Freetown.

World Bank chief bids farewell

World Bank Country Manager, Engilbert Gudmandsson who served Sierra Leone for three years on Wednesday bade farewell at the British Council in Freetown. The person to replace him is already in the country. His replacement, Vijay Pillai has reportedly been presented to State House.  He has reportedly promised to work with Sierra Leoneans for better input.

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