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In Sierra Leone, Minister appeals for Local Tax Payments
By Dauda Koroma & Aruna Turay
Jul 2, 2010, 17:16

The Deputy Minister 2 in the Ministry of Local Government, Internal Affairs and Rural Development, Hon. Raymond I Kabia has pleaded with residents within the municipality to pay their local taxes as a way to push development in Freetown.

He was speaking at a press brief convened by the Freetown City Council at their Wallace Johnson Street head office on Thursday July 1. He said without people paying their local taxes and other dues, FCC would not undertake any meaningful development in Freetown to make it an attractive and modern city.

City Father, Herbert George Williams informed that most of the developmental activities undertaken in recent times by council are from proceeds of the local tax payments, adding that he saw no reason for people to refuse to pay their taxes. "The money is not going into our pockets but to develop Freetown, he noted. He cited new market structures and other infrastructural developments tax monies have done.

Mayor Williams warned against listening to detractors. "The Freetown City Council is doing well in the city, cleaning the city both day and night, trying to push back the traders from the streets so maintain regular vehicular and human traffic flow.

Meanwhile, personnel of the Freetown City Council (FCC) are going about harassing peaceful citizens across the city on the pretext of collecting local tax. Metropolitan Police are sported illegally mounting numerous checkpoints along main streets in the city stopping vehicles and demanding tax receipts from passengers.

Several people have referred to the manner as grossly unprofessional and therefore call for a better way of collecting taxes, such as the involvement of chiefs and councilors.

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