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In Sierra Leone, Lawyers Annual Meet Goes to Makeni
Jul 2, 2010, 17:24

Bar Prexy Joseph F. Kamara
The Sierra Leone Bar Association will this morning of July 2nd 2010 at 9:30am be holding its Annual Conference for what is widely believed to be the very first time that the Lawyers’ Professional association, will be meeting out of the capital city of Freetown. According to the charismatic President of the Bar, Joseph F. Kamara Esq., who gave a snap interview to this press-house, the decision was taken to hold the Annual Meeting out of the capital city as a means of having lawyers interact with the local populace and vice versa in provincial areas of Sierra Leone.

The Bar President revealed that after the decision was made to hold the meeting out of Freetown, a ballot was held to have lawyers choose between Makeni, Bo and Kono and it resulted in most lawyers voting for the meeting to be held in Makeni; ostensibly because it was the nearest city to the capital.

The two day meeting will kick off this morning at the Wusum Conference Hall in Makeni with a theme of "Access to Justice: A time to take the lead and bridge the Gap in Gender Equality, Human Rights and Freedom of Information".

The Chairman of this epoch-making event up in Makeni today, will be Hon. Justice George Gelaga-King whilst the Keynote Speaker is Professor Aiah Gbakima.

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