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In Sierra Leone, NPA Set to Distribute Bumbuna Power GM Confirmed
By Bampia Bundu
Jul 6, 2010, 17:16

The National Power Authority (NPA) is all set to distribute electricity power supply from Bumbuna Hydro Electricity Project which was shut down some months back due to some technical problems.

This was revealed to this press in an exclusive interview with NPA General Manager, Mr. Zubiru Ahmed Kaloko at his Siaka Stevens Street Office. He said NPA has already installed brand new transformers in many areas in the country with more to be installed in the shortest possible time.

The GM however appealed to Sierra Leonean to continue being patient as they were doing all within their capability to restore damaged lines and other problems caused by the heavy down pour of rain. "The heavy wind caused a lot of damages but we have managed to re-place about one hundred poles across the city, and most of our technicians are working twenty-four hours to fix some of the cables."

Mr. Kaloko also said that they have professionally synchronized the JICA machines with the Bumbuna as both can now work together without causing problem to the system. "To maintain electricity in a country is not easy, as it demands a lot of professionalism and dedication," he confessed.

He expressed dissatisfaction with government institutions, especially hospitals that constantly refuse to pay their bills yet receive light 24hrs daily. "Connaught and PCMH Hospitals have been placed under special lines as they now get light 24hr daily, adding that PCMH receives power from FALCOM Bridge and Black hall Road stations which makes them not to short of power unless if there is a serious fault," he said as he concluded that power is one main factor in actualizing good medical facilities.

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