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SLPP Launches FBC Branch for 2012; Sharp-12
Jul 6, 2010, 17:20

Alhaji Marah, the newly elected Public Relations Officer for launched and revamped branch of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party at the Fourah Bay College has last evening told the Awareness Times that, “in one day alone”, they registered “800 students” who all have vowed to turn themselves into a power machine that will see their “beloved SLPP shoot back into power come 2012 Elections”.

“Sharp 12; 2012, our party will be back in power through the ballot box to once again serve Salone,” said Alhaji Marah as he referenced their party’s slogan of ‘2012-Sharp 12’

Please see below for the details of yesterday’s elections on FBC campus.


SLPP FBC Students conduct election

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party Fourah Bay College students’ branch on Monday 5th July 2010 conducted their executive election in a peaceful atmosphere at the Adjai Crowther Amphitheatre. Thirteen candidates in all contested for the executive positions.

The position of president was clinched by Ahmed Atata Mansaray who polled 249 votes against his rival Alfred Joseph Lahai. Abass Yayah Kamara won against Junisa S.E Sankoh for the post of Secretary General with 206 votes.

For the position of Organizing Secretary, Mohamed C.F Kallon and Mohamed Lamin contested as the former beat the latter with 196 votes. The position for public Relations Officer was contested by Alhaji Marah and Aaron Gbonda which was won by the former with 216 votes while that of auditor was won by Abdul Rhoda Sankoh with 215 against Hadiru Daboh.

The position of Women’s Leader was clinched by Princess M. Massaquoi with 215 votes against Margaret Kuyembeh while Kejan Kokofele went unopposed for the position of Financial Secretary

All the winners promised to promote the ideals of the SLPP Party on campus. All of them, especially the president elect opined that they would surely try in there own ways to make the SLPP party re-bounce to power in 2010.

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