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Dr. Fawundu declares for SLPP flag bearer in Pujehun
By Bampia J Bundu
Jul 7, 2010, 17:16

Delegates in Pujehun District and other parts of the country on Saturday 26th June 2010 endorsed Dr. Alfred Sallia Fawundu as their choice for opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) flag bearer position in a meeting held in Pujehun Town.

Addressing the jam-packed SLPP hall the chairman of the ceremony Mr. Dixon Momoh Rogers said he feels very much happy to see thousands of SLPP members converge together to witness the official declaration ceremony of Dr. Fawundu in the District, adding that members should be ready and determined to work as one people in one country. He described Dr. Fawundu as a son of Pujehun who has immensely contributed to the development of the country and the district in particular.  Come 2012 general election it is either we win or we win the election but we should not loose it to APC this time, he intimated amidst cheers.  He called  on the people to be aware as the APC will be spending so much money on them  to turn against the SLPP. Eat the money without regret, he shouted.

In his statement Dr. Alfred Sallia Fawundu commended the delegates and supporters who left their busy schedules to grace his declaration ceremony. He also thanked them for their commitment and support towards his intention. He said if chosen to become president,  he would ensure that the children of Sierra Leone do not languish, adding that under his leadership he will ensure that he unifies all the political parties in the country and force them to work as one in developing the country. He also said that he would bridge the religious, tribal and political gaps that exist in the country.

Dr. Fawundu disclosed that he knows all the 99 tactics of APC and he is ready to dismantle them come 2012 to lose to SLPP woefully. He finally assured all SLPP members that he is not contesting for the leadership at all cost and if he loses he remains determined to support whosoever wins in order to achieve the goal of the party come 2012.

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