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Sierra Leone's KPMG Managing Partner Testifies in ‘Communications Warehouse’ Criminal Matter
Jul 8, 2010, 18:18

KPMG Managing Partner, Vidal Tunde Oliver Decker, testifying Tuesday in the preliminary investigation State vs. Adeyemi & others admitted that their review of the Communications Warehouse company’s banking operations, inventory, receivables and general operations was inconclusive.

His testimony as PW5 in a case which has so far proven mildly melodramatic, came after PW3 Christopher Lamptey and PW4, Daniel S. Pewah consistently failed to show up to face cross-examination after being led in evidence by the learned Director of Public Prosecution, Mr. Robin-Mason.

KPMG’s Managing Partner, Decker, who confirmed to the court that he had been part of the team which conducted the review of the company’s operations, said that the work had been started and not concluded.

Vidal Decker’s assertion that his firm did not receive enough information was clarified by the learned DPP when Mr Mason asked him. ‘Who did not provide you with enough information?’ Vidal Decker answered ‘The company’. The Managing Partner also noted in his testimony that Mr Percival Addy, KPMG Senior Manager was the manager in charge of the assignment.

Defence attorney, Anthony Brewah had only two brief questions in cross examination, one of which was - ‘You will admit that you, by which I mean KPMG itself terminated the assignment?’ to which Decker answered in the affirmative.

In re-examination, the DPP asked why KPMG had terminated the assignment. Decker informed the court that difficulties encountered as well as Clause 55 of their terms of engagement gave either party the right to terminate the contract.

Vidal Decker then signed the Learned Magistrate’s notes & exited the court.

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